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13 FAQ to incorporate in the assistance Menu of the Good Educational Application

July 15th, 2016 | by Peter Jacobs
13 FAQ to incorporate in the assistance Menu of the Good Educational Application

A great Help Menu is important for children educational apps to provide assistance when instructors or students have to face common problems or when they have to know some fundamental details about your application. Furthermore, the assistance Menu also needs to contain directions regarding how to do particular functions of the application. You need to use clear to see language and steer clear of jargons along with other technical stuff when creating an aid Menu.

Given below are the sample questions which are typically inevitable to have an educational application.


  1. What educational function does your application do?

Mention why your application ought to be used and just what reasons it might fulfill. Detail the abilities that develop in students using the application.

  1. Why your educational application?

Provide the most promising causes of making use of your application compared to competitor’s ones.

  1. What are top schools making use of your application?

Give a summary of the notable institutions that presently uses yourapplication, or no.

  1. What additional in-application purchases can be found?

In case your application isn’t totally free, you need to provide all of the extended benefits available through in-application purchases.

  1. Do you know the platforms supported?

Mention all of the platforms that the application can be obtained for.


  1. Do you know the other items you can use with the application?

Give a summary of another items of your stuff you can use along with the application, to be able to boost the learning output.

  1. Does your application collect information out of your phone?

Give details about the various user data that the application will collect and also the purpose for doing this.

  1. Is the application secure?

Give sufficient privacy and security information. Also provide the connect to your online privacy policy and disclaimer.

  1. Can existing student data be migrated for your application?

Provide the various data migration options possible.

  1. What’s new inside your application?

Describe things that are new additions inside your application in comparison with ones.

  1. How can you train to apply your application?

Give additional sources for example demo videos, online presentations, tutorials etc. you can use for training.

  1. Give support for fixing problems

Your application should offer new ways to trobleshoot and fix performance errors.

  1. Give feedback information

The Assistance Menu should have a feedback form along with other information for the clients to make contact with you.

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