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3 thing you should know about mobile advertising

October 27th, 2017 | by John Stanley
3 thing you should know about mobile advertising

Mobile marketing is a vast and complicated piece of advertising industry. Although nowadays it is perfect time to use it. It is predicted that US mobile ads profits will skyrocket compared to 2014. That’s why I’ve gathered a little compilation off three most important things about mobile marketing. These tips will help you get popular as a developer, network and promote your business or just make some money developing apps, which hopefully millions of people will download.

Today the study took place and people decided that intuitive mobile ads, especially these ones which give them discounted or free stuff in apps, are normal and they are happy that they have them. That’s the perfect time for you to use mobile marketing, and upgrade your business marketing. Every ad will profit you in a way of informing people about your apps but you have to make sure that CPI is low compared to the predicted ROI.

You need to know that mobile marketing is even more efficient than banners on the websites. From the study, web banners got one average click while the ads on a mobile rich media banner got 68 CTR.

Also you need to calculate your mobile user acquisition. There are a lot of factors in that apart from CPI and ROI. You have to calculate if the app will bring you more money after all or you will pay for an app that won’t be even downloaded too often. Here traffic is key factor. You need to have a lot of people downloading your app, so the ROI will negate the CPI and will bring you profit. Also apart from ROI you need to know CPA which is a cost of getting a customer to convert and stay with your app for longer time period.

Also if you want to publish your first app, don’t forget to start soft.  Mobile user acquisition requires time and preparation. It’s better to publish app in similar, but smaller country and observing the indexes and al factors. Also you can test different sources and stores. There are a lot of networks and you can make a lot of money when you choose right. After the soft start you can go hard and pray for best CPI and a lot of traffic and many downloads.

In mobile advertising and traffic monetization, it’s essential to make the most out of all possible routes. 

Mobile user acquisition is hard and will bring you a lot of pain at first but it will definitely bring profits when you use it wisely and read more helpful articles like this one. It’s just the tip of the whole case with mobile advertising, CPI, and other essential factors and indexes. You need to dive into it and with a little bit of luck you will make a lot of money, promote yourself and make even more in the future.

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