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Common Microsoft 365 Migration Issues and their Solutions

January 12th, 2018 | by John Stanley
Common Microsoft 365 Migration Issues and their Solutions

 Making the jump to Microsoft Office 365 is progressively usual for companies of all dimensions. Nevertheless, O365 makes it less complicated for workers to properly function, interact and also team up in the cloud. In addition, O365 decreases the costs connected with preserving pricey network and web server arrangements.You can look here

While Office 365 offers countless benefits, many organizations still encounter typical O365 problems. At SWICKtech, we have facilitated multiple O365 migrations and also have actually discovered some vital lessons along the means. Below are several of one of the most common pitfalls we’ve come across (as well as the best ways to solve them).

  1. Develop a Clear Plan: Like any type of IT project, it is necessary to have a task strategy before migrating to Microsoft Office 365. Without one, you may bring your organization’s job to a halt or lose essential information. A clear plan, including a staff member interaction plan, will certainly maintain your whole organization humming. (Having a hard time to develop your IT job plan? We can assist.).
  2. Select Your Bundle: There are several Microsoft Office 365 plans to select from. Talk with your workers prior to picking a plan: what do they require or want that they do not have currently? How can an upgraded Office solution help them accomplish their objectives, increase productivity as well as simplify the process? Choosing the right O365 plan will certainly aid in the future.
  3. Upgrade if Necessary: If your company is still running Microsoft XP, Windows 7 or perhaps Windows 8 or using exchange 2007 servers, you’ll run right into issues with Office 365. O365 functions best with modern-day computer systems running Windows 10, so prepare to upgrade your on-site computer systems (and other frameworks) if needed in line with the moving process.
  4. Address Web Transmission Capacity: As a cloud-based remedy, Office 365 relies upon a high-speed net connection with durable bandwidth. Organizations with reduced transmission capacity and also a slow link will go to a drawback after the migration, so effectively evaluating your link, and also making required modifications or upgrades, is vital.
  5. Hybrid Solutions: Although O365 is usually referred to as a single product, you really have 2 options: move all customers from an on-site setting to O365, or keep some items of the atmosphere on the website while relocating others to the cloud. A crossbreed option makes sense for bigger companies with countless users yet calls for additional set up.
  6. Do Not Forget about Voicemail, Add-Ons, and also 3rd Party Equipment: Although Office 365 is a robust software program collection, many companies still use additional third-party tools or additional workplace attachments, varying from Microsoft Task Pro to spam filters. Cannot make up these devices, and also the extra time it will certainly require to configure them, is just one of one of the most typical O365 migration concerns. Similarly, if you have a voice to email established, starting the migration process without a correct plan to address this tool could break your voicemail to email capability.
  7. Test, test, examination: Prior to rolling Office 365 out to your entire company, execute a pilot group installs. This will help you identify organization-specific “gotchas” and make the whole process run smoothly. In addition, given that mobile phone and tablet computer reconfiguration is required, you could put procedures in position during the pilot migration to aid staff members after the complete presentation.
  8. Train: While obtaining O365 up as well as running is one of the toughest components of a movement, cannot effectively train staff members, particularly on major changes in daily functionality, can prevent any organization. Appropriate training will certainly maintain business running efficiently, while giving possibilities for workers to learn more about brand-new inter-office chat as well as communication possibilities, such as Microsoft Team or Skype for Organization.

Although moving to O365 feels like a straightforward procedure, working with a qualified Microsoft Companion, like SWICKtech, will assist stop data loss, control costs and avoid usual roadblocks. At SWICKtech, we will aid your craft and also carry out a migration plan that will certainly function for your business and improve your bottom line.

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