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Create Your Avatar with Telepresence Technologies

October 15th, 2017 | by Peter Jacobs
Create Your Avatar with Telepresence Technologies

When the film Avatar made it to screens all over the world, it tickled everyone’s imagination. Many wondered if it was actually possible to be in another place physically and be able to do whatever you want to do. The latest telepresence technologies have made it possible to a great extent. New app-based technology that is powered by the cloud and smartphone can allow you to have an Avatar in any part of the world.

What Can Your Avatar Do?

This is a simple yet first of its kind technology that allows you to hire the services of another human being who will act as your Avatar. You can view all their actions in real time while giving them directions using an innovative app-based GUI.

Your Avatar can be a person located in any part of the world. You could ask them to move, pick things, examine things, talk to people, swim, run, use devices, and do anything. It could be a male or a female and young or old, as you want them to be.

Hiring an Avatar

New technology allows you to hire a person who acts as your Avatar. You could hire an Avatar from any city in any part of the world while being in your home of office. The Avatar will walk around with their mobile device responding to your directions.

Branding an Avatar

The latest telepresence technologies allow you to even brand your Avatar or Avatars. This is an especially beneficial feature for organizations that want to run promotional campaigns in remote locations. You could hire a group of Avatars and brand them with your business logo. This can also be beneficial for charities. Those Avatars could reach out to your target audience or help build your presence without you having to be there managing such events.=

Such new technologies can make things possible that couldn’t even be imagined a few years ago.


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