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Digital Marketing Simplified

August 8th, 2017 | by Jennifer Fortune
Digital Marketing Simplified

The 21st century can rightly be termed as the digital era where anything to everything is going over the digital space to get more exposure and recognition. Almost all business entities today be it sole traders, partner entities or big multinationals etc across the globe have a footprint on the digital space and they are even investing significantly more to make it more strong and dominating.

The big question here is what motive it achieves; well the answer is plain and simple, to grow their business exponentially and to make it reach to the ends of the world. In today’s scenario with the boom of the Internet and the social media digital marketing helps to achieve your goals. Let us try and simplify the overall concept of digital marketing and the way it helps. First let us understand what digital marketing is in a simple way, it is a concept by which we help marketing of products via digital modes.

There are various concepts involved when it comes to digital marketing we will go through them one by one. First concept is of Content Marketing, whenever we have to find something or someone we Google it. We go the website listed and see if it’s relevant or not. This is where content marketing comes into the picture, it is a concept which explains how the contents should be created, arranged and published on a carefully designed website so that when the users go through them it helps them get what they are looking for easily and quickly, it can be arranged either in a blog, a white paper and a relevant how to video link as per the search term. The titles are made catchy to attract user’s attention and then content tailored precisely.

Part of the overall marketing concept is digital strategy, most people won’t go to the second page of Google search or maybe not even to the fourth link on the first page itself so applying digital strategy to it making sure the contents gets listed on the first page itself and there in the first few list of results. We all go to search engine to look for anything, now let’s try and simplify this concept how are only certain websites listed on the first page. For a business to reach out to most people it becomes imperative that their websites is listed on the first page and on the first few links of search engine ,this is where the concept of search engine optimization(SEO) takes over, it makes sure that business specific keywords mostly searched by users are listed on your website strategically.

There is a Google tool ( which actually helps user find out the most searched keywords for a given topic; accordingly business can create their content on websites to get more hits.

Another interesting concept is of pay per click (PPC) where a company placed an ad on a website and for every click on the ad, it pays the website. Now what a business can do it should place ads of those companies which are widely recognized by the people to earn more through them, all the above concepts explained are a small part of the digital marketing umbrella.


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