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Digital Marketing Tips for Christmas 2017

December 7th, 2017 | by John Stanley
Digital Marketing Tips for Christmas 2017

Christmas is creeping up on us incredibly quickly, and soon it will be here – Therefore if you are looking to excel your business as much as possible online in time for the festive season, you really do not have much time left. If you want digital marketing and SEO tips to cover you for this Christmas, keep on reading this article at your peril, as today we plan to provide you with some clever tips and ideas…

Christmas 2017 Tips

Be creative with keywords: Be creative with your keywords, considering incorporating Christmas terms into these. For example, if you sell socks you could consider using keywords and terms such as ‘Christmas socks’, ‘Christmas socks gifts’ etc. Don’t only ensure that you try and incorporate a few festive keywords into your campaign, but also ensure that you put these keywords in your content throughout your website, blog, social pages and more.

Be descriptive and keep an eye on your competition: When Christmas is on the way people are always searching for the best deals, therefore if you offer free delivery, discounts or anything else you need to shout about these! Not only can you shout about the things which  make your company great on your website, in your meta descriptions and more, but also on social media and any other online platforms.

Ensure you have Accelerated Mobile Pages: More and more people are choosing to shop on their mobiles each and every day, and this Christmas more people are anticipated to buy gifts from their mobiles than any other Christmas before. Because of this it is vital that you ensure that you accelerated mobile pages so that mobile users can shop quickly and easily on your website without hesitation. When pages take a long time to load on mobile visitors often leave quickly and choose to visit an alternative website.

Utilise Social Media: Social media can help your business more than you think, and especially over the festive period, with many people each year finding gifts that they want to buy for people on social media and buying them. You should ensure that you company is active on the social media platforms that your target audience use the most, and even consider hosting social media competitions such as giveaways.

These are only some of the tips in which your company can utilise this festive season too – If you want to ensure that you are doing everything that you can do to succeed online at all times of the year and not just Christmas, we would definitely advise that you employ an SEO Company to assist you. An SEO company will do all of the work for you, leaving you to focus on other offline aspects of your business, and ensuring maximum success.

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