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Facebook Launches Snapchat Story-esque Application For Teens Only

July 25th, 2016 | by John Stanley
Facebook Launches Snapchat Story-esque Application For Teens Only

The competition of social apps continues. Although Facebook is a huge player within the gigantic ecosystem of social networking, Snapchat turns out to be probably the most formidable competitor using more than 100 million active customers daily. It’s left this type of passive effect on users’ existence that gave other social networking apps a run for his or her money. To begin with, Instagram copies Snapchat signature feature and today its Facebook’s turn.


Both of these passive-aggressive rivalries woo customers with each and every update of the product. Right now, Facebook has released Lifestage-a brand new application for teens only. Facebook has develop a highly effective technique of targeting a brand new audience with this application. It launched into attracting a crowd who become bored with utilizing it-Teenagers. Being under 21 may be the restriction for implementing this application. The Facebook application designers have crafted LifeStage in a manner that Students may use it just. For connecting with fellow customers using their school, they have to enter how old they are and college name when registering. The application is useless if there’s not a minimum of 20 customers from senior high school already. Otherwise, you cannot unlock the application, yet others can’t call at your profile.

LifeStage is greater than a conventional messaging application where one can showcase your everyday existence without using filters. A means for youths to exhibit things the things they like (playing soccer), dislike (doing homework), how they dance, sing, plus much more. Apparently, the application is not related to Facebook it’s running effectively around social networking platforms, though.


The 20-years-old Michael Sayman-the developer of the application only has limited it to iOS products. With this particular attempt, Facebook is targeting Generation Z that has been choosing Snapchat over Facebook and Instagram. When you on line on LifeStage, the application asks to complete your profile with videos revealing “Happy Faces,” “Likes,” and “Dislikes” using the decoration of fun edges.

Because the application is made for 21-years-old or more youthful, it’s not certain what’s preventing older ones from laying. They are able to join teen customers from the application laying regarding their age, which may be rigorously unsafe for children. However, there’s a lots of information to provide out like birthday, telephone number, complete name, etc. while establishing a free account parents are forbidding kids to try it out.

Unless of course there is not anybody while using application out of your Senior High School, it’s locked. You have to invite more and more people from to unlock Existence Stage and party your senior high school parties through it.

Likely a number of other apps, social networking leader can also be attempting to clone Snap talk with kill it. It’s taken a start in the same manner Face book did-School by school. Such apps are useless if you do not know anybody who’s with them. With activity, the app’s success is going to be examined by monitoring various factors. No matter all benefits and drawbacks, if you are in senior high school Existence Stage is the next favorite application.

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