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Five Free Online Video Conferencing Services

August 25th, 2017 | by Carol Gilmore
Five Free Online Video Conferencing Services

Gone are the days when lots of people located in various places all over the world come to a place to attend a conference. Thanks to the advent and rapid development, a plenty of video conferencing services come, making communication across the world easy and instant. Now, people can stay where they are and host or join the same conference online. In this article, we’ve chosen five of the best online video conferencing services that offer a range of features to empower you to host video conferences online without any hassle.

ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is undoubtedly one of the best free video conferencing services currently. Its free plan lets you host a video conference that consists of up to 100 attendees with no cost, while its pro plan supports host up to 500 attendees video conferences, wherever you are at any time. In addition, ezTalks Meetings offers a wealth of features, including share your screens remotely, use an online whiteboard tool to draw and share your ideas easily, send texts to any one attendee or all attendees instantly, schedule conferences online, record video conferences with one click and save as audio or video files for later reference, and more.

Google Hangouts

You can also organize video conferences with Hangouts. This online video conferencing service is integrated with Google +. You obviously need to have an account on Google+ to use it, but it’s worth it, provided you agree to end up in a Google-stamped ecosystem. Indeed, the Google video conferencing call service allows up to 10 participants, who can work directly on documents integrated with Google Docs. Let’s not forget that Google Drive is integrated with Google Drive, which synchronizes the files of your choice on your computer with your Google documents online, making them also accessible via the web, and thus via Google Hangouts.

However, what Google Hangouts mainly interests in its competitors is that video conferencing can be made visible on-line and on a YouTube basis with a single URL. This allows for the creation of video conference at no cost, since several tens or hundreds of people can attend the presentation or watch it later. Viewers on YouTube can add comments to your video. However, given the refresh time of the page, it’s hard to use this feature to ask questions during the conference. Google Hangouts offers several sharing options: the video conferencing can be private, shared via the link with the guests, or public and therefore visible to all. It is also possible to integrate the video conference link on its own website, from which visitors can follow it live or offline.

If one takes into account the fact that Google + is also available on mobile media (iPhone and Android devices), we find that the Hangouts application has enormous potential for seduction and use. This should increase the number of active Google users.


Zoom is an online video conferencing service owning fewer features (only screen sharing and chat) than previous ones, but is usable on mobile devices. The application is indeed installable on iPhone and iPad in addition to Windows and Mac. Very practical to organize meetings on the fly with some collaborators, this application authorizes up to 500 participants.

To use punctually, it is not even necessary to register on the site. All you have to do is open a meeting room (get a meeting room) and communicate with your correspondents who can join the meeting. If you organize regular meetings, you sign up for the video conferencing service and then get a personal meeting room with a fixed URL, where all your meetings will be held. The application offers easy screen sharing, video projection from sites like YouTube without leaving the room, sharing documents and taking notes that can be saved. can accommodate up to 5 people.


With eMeet.Me, meetings can be held with up to 5 people with free of charge. For up to 20 participants, it will cost you 9 USD per month or 90 USD per year. eMeet.Me offers the same basic functions as, plus the ability to work on a shared document, saving your meeting, sending statistics to find out who attended your meeting and for how long. This video conferencing service online also allows to integrate a participant by telephone.

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