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Found this SEO Agency that offers Useful Services

April 5th, 2018 | by Carol Gilmore
Found this SEO Agency that offers Useful Services

Recently, after our internal meeting, I was called by my boss to discuss on the marketing plans that needed to be adjusted. On my mind optimizing our SEO was weighing heavily that could have helped us achieve our targets and hence   discussed it with my boss who asked me to go ahead and recruit a dependable SEO agency. Thereafter my search began and after carefully going through some firms, I found this SEO agency called The Marketing Folks. The moment I finished going through their details and having a word with them, I understood the kind of work that was in store for me and hence immediately hired them for our needs. The following points were clarified by me in detail because I required clarity on them, the rest of the aspects being fine with us.  

  • Keyword search – When I found this SEO agency, my primary objective was to find out how the keyword search will be performed better by them to which I received a beautiful answer. They asked me to think as a user and not as the business owner which made me feel their strategy of work to a large extent. As I found out during the course of discussion, they abundantly use Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Google suggest and other such tools that help to tap the perfect keyword for each business.  
  • Keyword strategy – The best way employed by them as a keyword strategy is to create a preference keyword list. When I found this SEO agency, I found out how this is going to help us. Again, they informed me that with less time and resources, this preference keyword list will help them to concentrate their SEO efforts in the direction where the focus is to be channelized.
  • Competitor study – When I found this SEO firm, one of my first queries was whether I can get any insight of my competitors to which they offered me help by saying that they can help me see my 3 competitors who are helping bring traffic to our site. I knew that this can prove to be a massive help to us as as we can analyze any missing gap in our keyword and also expect to gain some traffic from them.
  • Report generation – I knew that it is always better to understand the current SEO that is in place and how can the changes by The Marketing Folks help it further. When asked, they informed me that after analyzing the current SEO traffic and its sources they will submit a report that will help to implement the required changes by them that can be further monitored and driven so that tangible result can be generated.

I was very much concerned with these points and hence I was searching for some good logical reasoning from them. When I found this SEO organization, I was not so sure initially but after they successfully answered my queries, I was relieved to a great extent because all these questions were pertinent to our SEO campaign. The other aspects of SEO were not so critical compared to these and the moment I was satisfied, I hired them after getting the green signal from my boss, who was always by my side.

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