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Free Trial Version of the Best Archive Manager Program Currently On the Market

May 21st, 2017 | by Benny Sanderson
Free Trial Version of the Best Archive Manager Program Currently On the Market

Good new as now subscription licenses are available for Archive Manager. Over the last few years MLtek have had numerous requests to start a subscription based licensing model for their archiving solution for Windows file servers, Archive Manager.

Up until this time all licenses were permanent and were what would be called a “’buy once use forever” base with only annual renewal for product support being available. In spite of the licensing cost being a fraction of what their nearest competitors charge and the fact that Archive Manager by MLtek is already an amazing value for the price, this model did have the problem of having most of the cost front loaded. Being able to offer a subscription based license along with the perpetual license lets MLtek offer a way to arrange the beginning costs more evenly over years 2+.

So if you are struggling to find a very simple and cost effective way to come to grips with you expansive file system, perhaps it is time for your to have a look at Archive Manager by MLtek. It does not matter whether your file system is less than 1TB in size or many PetaBytes, MLtek can help you bring some order into the chaos as well as…

– Save money on daily backups by reducing the amount of data you back up;
– In the event of a disaster, cut the time for restore up and running again;
– You will ensure compliance with the germane legislation in your region concerning the preservation of information e.g. the United Kingdom’s Data Protection Act.
– Enables you to free up considerable more space on your very expensive first line storage.

You can also download the free of trial version of Archive Manager by MLtek for free here and take it for a test drive. The trial download is completely functional with all the enhancements and will enable you to fully explore all this archiving software has to offer on your file systems in your own time. This company does not want you to buy this product and then not be happy with it.

So just visit their website and feel free to download and try this awesome software package.

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