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Further Information on ArchiverFS Software for File Management

November 23rd, 2017 | by John Stanley
Further Information on ArchiverFS Software for File Management

Unlike other programs, when the user clicks the link left behind making the place where a file was all the IO which goes right from the workstation to the file. No tech is needed, or any other components taken up or down or in the way. This means that users do not have to waste work time just sitting around waiting for some file to be finished with and sent back to the live file system prior to be used again. Any files needed to be returned to the live file system are returned during the everyday maintenance job that runs during the off hours. All the information needed where each file has been moved from and to is left in the file system also using directory and file properties.

Several types of stubs

Several types of stubs are there to choose from that can be left behind in place of files when they are moved, including totally seamless links that behave exactly like the original files, both file and folder level shortcuts that are more the way that traditional Windows shortcuts are used, and that also offer the benefits of increased compatibility and can even be used by Apple Macs with the add-in such as “Win shortcutter”.

3 Tier storages

Unique ‘3 tier’ structure storage consisting of “live”, “archived” and “graveyard” stages. This feature that is unique allows for the development of a true Hierarchical Storage System for only a fraction of the cost that traditional solutions cost.

Also, are many other additional key features:

Both subscription and perpetual licenses are available. Subscription licenses are available for around $1200 or £950 for 2 TB of file processing and that is for each TB moved from UU the live file to 2nd line storage. But they don’t charge based on the quantity of older data that sets idlely in 2nd line storage contrasting other hierarchical storage management solutions, only the action of moving the files to it.

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