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History or Binary Options

October 2nd, 2016 | by Jennifer Fortune
History or Binary Options

Binary option – it is various of trading, which have 2 available results. Trader buys option and he can know result upon expiry this option. If this option is successful, it generates around 85{80acd2e91ff1fe90ca3ad8b4c849a55e19aed4f5ca55288b1201c304e5208966} profit from trader`s investments. If result of option is defeat, trader loses any money that he has paid for option. Binary options are very simple in trading even for investors, who have not experience. Also for binary options usual you need only very little start capital, no more than a few tens of dollars.

Binary options for usual traders substantially had been starting from approval by The US Commission on the Securities and Exchange Commission (Wikipedia) in 2008 year. Ever since this type of trade became very popular. Binary options had existed during many years and until 2008 year, but before they were available only for high level traders or wealthy private individual through curb market. In 2007 year Clearing commission recommended to enter over patching for trade binary options. This over patching would made available binary options for all traders. In 2008 year SEC approve direct of binary options as traded investment tool. Soon after this, Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and the American Stock Exchange started to offer options for public trade.

Footnote: You can read notification about fraud in sphere of trade binary options in original version on site SEC.

Trade binary options were not so difficult for most at the beginning. Primary, options was available only in Chicago Stock Exchange. Upswing of binary trade was for two factors: at first, it was expansion of type of available options, which was with big improvement of trade software environment of platforms. It made trade binary options more simple. Another factor was introduction binary options in trade of foreign currency, where they became popular more fast, then in trade of bargain on term.

Today exist things like “flexibility” in trade binary options. Traders can indicate not only quantity of money, that they want put on option, but also final price and validity of this option.

Also u can have insurance, by choosing most low percent of payment. This insurance can help trader to not lose all, but lose only one part of investment, if option lose in upon expiry.

Binary options are available almost for all financial assets, with all types’ contracts and upon expiry, from one minute until one year. There are also hedge funds (Wikipedia), basically concentration on trade binary options. On currency markets, binary options were available only through special brokers. In last time, leaders Forex brokers add binary options in trade platforms for their customers. We can say for sure, that binary options will continue rise and will popular in close future.

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