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How Does Automate365 Help Your Business

October 21st, 2016 | by Shelley Hirsch
How Does Automate365 Help Your Business

Connecting every business feature with its website for smoother and efficient daily operations, Herolocity brings to the market the next business operating system with zero cost. As petty as they may seem, day-to-day business tasks like placing online orders, invoicing, phoning and any other aspect that unnecessarily complicates the business operations now has a new and improved replacement in the form of Automate365. The first highlight of Automate365 is that it is available free of cost.

In the absence of monthly subscription and user fees, your business can still enjoy more than a hundred web applications, that too from a single platform. This means you no longer have to worry about spending money on each individual application from a different provider. Every business transaction is automatically processed by Herolocity for which they charge a 3{80acd2e91ff1fe90ca3ad8b4c849a55e19aed4f5ca55288b1201c304e5208966} transaction fee. Besides that, there are no extra charges, neither hidden nor evident, for instance credit card transaction fees.


The first free benefit comes from the availability of 100+ business web applications that you can enable on your webpage. This is especially beneficial for companies operating in a dynamic environment where these apps allow them a faster market grasp and the ability to flow wherever their business takes them. Besides taking advantage of these apps, you can also add your online store through which online payments can be made and online bookings done.

Despite where your website is created and hosted, all that is required is to copy and paste a single line code into your website and you are good to go. This will facilitate the 365 platform login and you can use any free business website applications from anywhere in the world, and in no time. The business is all about providing its clients ease of setup and use and therefore in order to get started, all you need to do is create a free account after which the 365 platform will handle the addition and management of all applications.

All the free business applications are stored on a single interface: the 365 platform. This is where everything is smoothly managed owing to the fact that most of the apps are synced and work in harmony to provide its users with added benefits. For example, the user’s online appointment scheduler may be connected to the newsletter, online store and cloud phone app. So, when the customer calls, the cloud phone app will automatically pull up the user’s account, orders, appointments, emails, previous calls and chats so he is more prepared to handle the client’s call.

Another similar instance could be that when the client schedules a meeting or makes a purchase from your online store, the newsletter will automatically use other products that they have currently bought or meetings they have recently had to send emails that result in the desired outcome, in example, their next purchase. Every Herolocity free business application undergoes continuous yet interruption-free upgrade with additional features. The best part is not receiving the continuously annoying update popup every few days or so.

The business works to ensure new and improved ways are found for the web apps to help users modernize their operations. Automate365 is compatible with all CMS platforms, like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Prestashop and Drupal. For web hosts, the business offer a cPanel plug-in to enable you to take advantage of the 100{80acd2e91ff1fe90ca3ad8b4c849a55e19aed4f5ca55288b1201c304e5208966} free Automate365. There remain no limits on the number of apps that can be downloaded nor are there any restrictions on data.

How Does Automate365 Help Your Business

Putting it simply, Automate365 was designed to change the way your business operates on a daily basis in order to maximize gains, reduce costs and head towards an overall efficient working environment. The presence of 100+ free applications certainly makes life easier and reduces the need for the business to hire labor. This in turn leads to significant cost cuts and at the same time, eliminate the risk of human error.

Furthermore, since Herolocity uses a single platform, you can save as much as $50 per month if let’s say you spent for each application through a separate provider or paid for your employees to access the application. Another big perk that comes with using Automate365 is the freedom for customization. All business applications are highly customizable and also constantly upgraded with new features so that businesses facing frequent market changes do not end up getting stuck with features they longer have the need for.

As far as the matter of privacy is concerned, security is taken seriously at Herolocity. The business’ entire platform is hosted with Amazon Web Services, the go-to service providers for major companies relying on mission-critical applications and Encryption for the protection of their clients’ information.

With Automate365, the procedure is quite simple. All that is required is selection of an app, the addition of that app to the business’ website and the commencement of the selling process, all that without any charge.

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