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How is it better to Design a Logo Using online Tool?

October 26th, 2016 | by Jennifer Fortune
How is it better to Design a Logo Using online Tool?

Logo Design has become a 2 minutes of task now a days. It is not required to hire a professional graphic designer for making a logo for company or a small business website. There are some quality Logo maker tools like available in the market where you can just type your brand name and you will get readymadye logos in a minute or so.

Below are the 3 reasons which shows, How a Logo maker tool is better than hiring a professional graphic designer.


  • It is cost Effective

Definitely, you can get a better quality logo in just few dollars using a logo maker websites. If you hire a designer than he or she will ask you higher price with showing their portfolios and if they come to know that they are the only option left with you than you will have to pay amount that they ask. And thing is completely different with a logo maker, here you are not required to communicate with anyone to bargain prices, you just need to purchase their cheapest package and here you go!

  • Time Saving

 When you have nothing to discuss, just typing your company name, a nature of business category and here you have plenty of logos with you, just choose the best and it’s done. But with a graphic designer you will have to transfer a logo idea with him, need to do lot of corrections once it’s done and much more. So, Logo maker is best for people who believe in “Time is money” philosophy.

  • Options availability

With graphic designer, once you have planned a logo in your mind, you will discuss the same with your designer and your designer will make accordingly. But, once it’s done and you don’t like, then what? In such situation logo maker is better. You have lot of logos to choose from and you can final one of them by comparing each other.

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