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How to choose Internet services

February 7th, 2018 | by Carol Gilmore
How to choose Internet services

The packages, offers and alternatives that are available to the user vary depending on the country in which it is located, but regardless of the geographical location, there are aspects that must be considered to choose the company that provides the Internet service. Verizon is one of the best companies and if you want to know its offered prices, visiting a good idea.

We’re telling you what you need to know in order to select the connection that best suits your requirements.

Define what is needed

The first step is to determine what you want to do when you connect to the Internet.For example, if it is required for few activities, such as checking emails or watching a video on YouTube from time to time, a basic package would be more than sufficient.

However, if the network is used to watch movies, series or to play with other people through the Internet, then a very powerful connection is required. This, generally, is usually associated with higher costs.

If it is a family of four people, for example, it is also advisable to have an effective connection. In a case like this, it would not be surprising to find four smartphones, a laptop and a desktop.

If all these devices are connected to the internet, the speed of connection and restrictions on the limit of data that can be consumed monthly (which is developed below) are definitely very important.

Technical aspects

The first thing is to determine if they offer a wireless connection, and if it is the case, it is also useful to know how fast it is, considering the characteristics of modern devices, a Wi-Fi connection that does not take a lot of time, will always be a good option.

We advice to those who want to change their service provider in the United States, points out that a connection speed higher than 2Mbps (megabits per second, each equals one million bits) is enough to conduct most of the activities that require Internet.


In these times of hackers and risks of massive theft of personal information through the internet, security is essential.

The ideal is for the service provider to cover two fronts, the first one has to do with the protection of the IP address (unique number that identifies the computer) before possible attacks, in this way it is guaranteed that there is no risk for the devices of the user, such as computers, tablets or any other.The connection offer changes from country to country, but there are elements that can be evaluated regardless of where you are. The company should offer tools to prevent the client from receiving attachments and addresses from websites that contain viruses.
Another aspect related to this issue is the “denial of service attack”, which prevents the user from accessing the resources that are regularly available to them.

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