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How to Recover USB Erased Files Effortlessly

January 12th, 2019 | by Jennifer Fortune
How to Recover USB Erased Files Effortlessly

Nowadays, pen drives that are also known as USB are considered a handy and more accessible portable tool to store various files such as text documents, music, images and even videos. Rather than storing our accessible data on your system, we always become accustomed to store data on a thumb drive.

Compared to other types of data storage media, such as memory cards, floppy disks and CDs, pen drives are much more durable. In addition, pen drive is a good choice if you usually transfer many files between your phone and computer, nothing more practical than doing it using a USB stick, without having to use the USB cable to connect the phone directly to the PC or Mac. USB card is very practical and useful, especially for business travelers, it is really a convenient andsafe way to carry data. When traveling, you do not have to worry about your tablet’s battery if all your movies and music are stored there. Just use a micro USB pen drive, you can store everything in one place and take advantage of any gadget that is available, be it a tablet, mobile phone or computer.

However, pen drive can bring unexpected problems in addition to bring great convenience. Pen drive also produces data loss because of some strange or familiar reasons. For example, pen drive does not format completely or erroneously. So when losing data from USB, how can we do flash drive data recovery of the deleted files? In this article below we give you some tips on troubleshooting lost data from USB.

Reasons to lose data from the thumb drive

  • Error: “Drive F: pen drive does not format, click OK to format”
  • Formatting the pen drive or deleting data by accident
  • Unexpected low power when you turn on the computer
  • Can not”Safely Remove Hardware”
  • Virus attack
  • Often used
  • Pen drive does not appear
  • More unknown reasons

How to perform data recovery in pen drive

To restore your data from USB, you will have to USB data recovery program. It is very significant to select a professional and safe USB data recovery tool because certain low-level software can further harm your data further to the contrary. Here we suggest Stellar Data Recovery to recover deleted files from USB flash drive.

It provides particular data recovery modes. In addition for USB data recovery, this data recovery program also supports SD card data recovery.

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