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How to Write an Effective Copy for an Online Ad

July 12th, 2017 | by John Stanley
How to Write an Effective Copy for an Online Ad

You have the product, the target audience, and you have the keywords. Now it’s time to write the ad copy. So exactly how do you do that? If you notice online ad copies, you know they are short, but also compelling. Your job will be to write a copy that competes with zillions of other ads users see each day and make an impression good enough to result in a click or a conversion. That is no easy task. So here are several tips that will help you write a killer ad copy:

Offer Solutions to a Problem

There are no “cool” ads. People click on ads only if they see a possible solution to a problem. Have a break? Then the viewer can have a KitKat. However, online ads are not based on zingers alone, unlike TV ads. The headline of the ad must be written with an objective in mind that appeals to the user. The phrasing must call out to a particular desire a member of the target audience may have. Going through user feedback for your brand or target audience research data will help when writing this part.

Hire a Pro

This is a shortcut to writing a compelling online ad. Because most PPC ads are short, companies tend to get an employee to write it in house. But if employee lacks experience in copywriting, this may be not go well. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to invest in a professional marketing agency like Primal that can help you achieve your goals for the PPC ad campaign. It may not cost much to get an ad copy or two written either.

Use Statistical Data

Numbers are usually boring, but certain statistics can actually help you drive traffic with online ads. Numerical data is a great way to get to the point without beating around the bush. Of course, you will have to use interesting but accurate data. The numbers should capture the users’ attention. The numbers mostly used in ads refer to pricings. If the prices you offer are incredibly cheap, then do use them on the headline of the ad, usually before any text begins. “$5 messages in Toronto” is an attention grabbing at headline. “Get 60{80acd2e91ff1fe90ca3ad8b4c849a55e19aed4f5ca55288b1201c304e5208966} off for a laptop” is another one.

Appeal to Selfishness

If you want to sell anything, then you need to appeal to a user’s inherent selfishness and tell them that they actually deserve to buy the product. Not need or have to, but deserve. Check out this PPC ad headline: “Expert divorce attorneys: get the results you deserve.” If you are selling something to someone who is about to go through a divorce, then you absolutely need to be on his or her side. It’s what that ad is doing.  It’s not always easy to write something that appeals to people’s selfish nature without sounding awful, but in ad copywriting, it’s necessary.

Use Alarmist Emotional Triggers to Grab Attention

It’s not easy to grab attention of web users. Only a few things work, like pictures of cute kittens or emotional triggers. Consider these ad headlines: “Catch cheating husbands—enter his email address,” or “Charged with DUI? Don’t leave your license to chance.” These would grab the attention even of people who aren’t married or drive a car. These headlines illustrate effective use of emotional triggers. If you want your ad to be successful, try something similar.

While you can use the above tactics any way you want, keep in mind that ad copy content must always be highly accurate and not misleading.

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