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How To Write Authority Content To Support SEO?

September 19th, 2016 | by Brainpulse
How To Write Authority Content To Support SEO?

Ask a random SEO expert about the most commendable strategy he ever used to  boost his marketing effort, and he will answer- content marketing.  Content marketing and PPC Marketing Lancashire are one among the most powerful strategies adopted by marketers to create an extended audience outreach. However, this strategy  isn’t about writing a lot of content, publishing online and sharing, but about developing effective and authoritative content.

Here, effectiveness is something that we can measure in terms of content’s topic, it’s appropriateness for your brand and audience, practicality, content length, and value.

 How Authority Content Helps In Ranking ? 

We can’t define content authority as no strict definition is available for the term. This is a measure to tell how a source can be counted on as a reliable provider of information. A website with good authority earns straight ranking advantages. Here is why:  

When Google looks into the content, it doesn’t offer much value to the quantity of the content that website produces. The major factor that Google considers is how valuable a page or domain is.  Google’s search rater guidelines indicate three quality factors in a content piece. They are- expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T). All these factors are interrelated. Authority content offers a great boost in page and domain authority.

Content authority helps you earn quality backlinks. If your content will appear valuable to your audience, your website will turn into more of a linkable asset. Outside parties will start giving references to your website with a link pointing back to your domain. End of the day, these quality backlinks will give a boost to search rankings.  

Besides positive surge in ranking, content authoritativeness also brings long-term reputation factors for your domain. If people will find your content informative, authoritative and value adding, they’ll start considering you as an authority. This will directly help you in gaining more followers, more publishing opportunities and improved rankings altogether.

How To Develop Authority Content : 

After knowing why authority content is important for your website, let’s have a look into different ways you can produce authority content for your audience.  

Writing for an audience is the norm in content marketing. However, giving the content a professional touch is indeed a dividend. Try writing a content from a professional’s point of view. Use a  professional title or other credential to validate the points you are raising in the article.

For example, rather writing a simple search engine optimization guide, you could step in deeper by writing an advice piece to tell readers the major factors that can kill your search rankings. Do not forget adding images, references and credentials to support your arguments. Giving information is all good, but readers love to have stuff that educates.  

Adding references to support your arguments on a topic will be very helpful in driving authority. Include images, videos, infographics and   to make your content engaging to users. This will show you that you are interested in making complex subjects simpler for the audience.

Prove your ideas with fact. It’s important to cite examples as specifically as possible. Don’t  ride on hypothetical assumptions, state real examples backed by true references, quotes and stats. The more specific information you’ll deliver to the readers, more authoritative your content piece will become.


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