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How You Can Educate Yourself on Addiction and Substance Abuse

December 12th, 2017 | by Clare Louise
How You Can Educate Yourself on Addiction and Substance Abuse

Substance abuse and addiction are two of the worst things that could happen to a person. As a matter of fact, addiction is the cause of more than half the crime in West LA. If you ever wanted to know why addiction is a horrible thing, you should take it upon yourself to become educated on the affects of addiction and substance abuse. Here are a few ways to become better informed.

Do Research on Different Drugs, Alcohols, and Their Effects

The more informed you are about addiction and substance abuse, the better prepared you’ll be to handle conversations with loved ones. Read and do extensive, thorough research on different drugs, alcohols, and their side effects on the body. You will want to know exactly what you’re dealing with in terms of addictive levels and the negatives of abusing those substances.

Ask Former Addicts About Their Experiences, but Be Compassionate and Courteous

To garner more information on addiction and substance abuse, you should ask former addicts about their experiences. It would be an even better idea to ask addicts that you’re close to, like loved ones, because they will be more likely to give you honest, straightforward answers. The more you talk and ask questions, the further you will come in comprehending the addiction process. When asking questions and having the conversation, be compassionate, courteous, and understanding. Don’t push, don’t judge, and don’t be rude.

Be There for Someone Struggling with Their Own Addictions

When you know a loved one struggling with addiction, the experience becomes personal. It’s like that substance has taken your loved one hostage, turning them into the shell of who they once were. With that said, it’s important to research and understand what that person is going through. Be there for them, show them you still care, and offer help for recovery when they’re ready.

Face Your Addictions, Whatever Those Might Be

Addiction is an encompassing word. Most people think of drugs and alcohol, but there are hundreds of things that you could become addicted to, such as food, money, gambles, and video games. Face up to your own addictions, whatever those might be, and strive to understand those addictions. You’ll know that you are addicted to something when your health and overall way of life is dramatically affected.

Substance abuse and addiction can ruin your life and the lives of those you love. Being informed and educated on addiction is a step towards understanding the addictiveness of substances.

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