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Importance of Google adwords on ads

October 18th, 2017 | by John Stanley
Importance of Google adwords on ads

Before proceeding on the topic it is very essential to comment that a good ad is very much necessary for a good return. The more your ad will be meaningful and good the more you will earn profits. There are some guidelines that should be strictly followed in order to achieve success. Apart from all this, hard work is absolutely necessary for a good ad.

Role of Google on the quality of adword:

It has been seen several times that Google plays a vital role on the quality score of Google ads.  What is quality score? It is basically a measure or tips that is adopted in order to improve the structure of the campaigns and also to organise groups in order to improve good quality scores.

It can be said that Quality Score is a measure of two things: the relevance of the keyword both to the advert and your target market, and; the quality of your written copy and landing page. There are three main factors or points that directly affect the quality score:

  • Google calculates the current and historical Click through Rate of your chosen keyword to help ensure it has relevance to people’s search queries. Keywords are the most important factor that must be said. It plays a very vital role in determining a good quality score of ads. A good keyword will always have a good significance in an ad.
  • Secondly you should also include the impact of negative keywords in the blog. It is absolutely essential in all the aspects. This is a very vital point.
  • Google’s perspective is that the landing page is explicitly relevant to your advert. Adverts must always have a low quality score as it is often used for multiple keywords. It can be said that all this points are equally important from all the sides. Specific landing pages with tightly targeted copy perform better in terms of Quality Score. The loading speed of your landing page will also affect Quality Score, with penalties given for slower pages.

Google AdWords is an effective form of advertising that can yield a great interest and return for your business, but it needs to be approached in the correct way for it to have the best results. Quality Score is basically Google’s way or tool to indicate the score of an ad. With this you can estimate your position in the ad.  A similar system is used by other renowned companies such as Yahoo, Bing, etc. The system introduced by Google is in fact a very good one in all the aspects. It has been widely accepted and followed too. Not only this but many big business houses have adopted this mode for determining score of good quality ads.  The given figure varies between 1 and 10, with 10 being the best and 1 being the worst, Quality Score in this case mainly determines which adverts have prominence in the paid results and how much users pay per click. As we see that good quality score is always appreciated in each and every mode. In order to retain and hold a good position of business a good quality score is absolutely essential.

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