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Keylogger software and its capabilities

June 2nd, 2017 | by John Stanley
Keylogger software and its capabilities

Whether for the security reasons or is it about tracking someone’s activity over the computer system, keylogger has been helping many for years tracking all the information and activity which was performed on the computer. Are you a business owner who wants to know what their employees do on computer machine during the office hours? Or do you want to know if your employees are misusing confidential records or information of your company? Keylogger is the answer to all these questions and is even going to help you keeping a track on each of them.

Sophisticated key logger application is formulated with proficient engineers to monitor and track any unauthorized and illegal activity on your PC. Specialized computer spying software is structured to spy upon computer activity and report the users about the activities performing on computer. Expertise invisible keyboard logger software conducts entire activities in background without the knowledge of the users. Entire activities can be recorded in encrypted log files & can be sent to the administrator by mail. Advanced keyloggers can even capture screenshot at the fixed time of interval so that you can easily find out what is going on your computer device when you are away. Keylogger is basically a program that helps you to go back and retrace digital foot prints made on internet with the computer system. 

Apart from keystrokes, after installing a keylogger, one can record all types of activities including email, typed text, system start up time, voice chat record and other activities performed by the user on computer. Superior computer spying software has ability to record all voice chat conversation performed by the user on computer along with the system sound details now it is easier to find out what other users does on your computer system in your absence. Technically advanced PC activities recorder application captures entire typed keystrokes like email, password, voice chat conversations, user name, text documents, visited websites, system logon password and other user activities performed on computer device.

Many or most of the keylogger software come with a designated portal where one can enter the username and password and can check all the previous activities on their systems. Along with this portal, everything goes on in the background so as not to let the user know about it. Not just the logo of the application, even the installed files are kept hidden in the folder. So just get the keylogger installed and none could suspect if any changes were made in the system and you can easily track the activity.

Now the question arises that how to install keylogger? Well there are a number of service providers, like PC Tattletale, from where you can buy the software and get it installed by the experts. Or you can simply buy and download the software online and get it installed in the system. The tutorial and all the installation related guidelines will be there and you soon will have the software installed in your system. So say goodbye to suspicious activities and keep a track on them with keylogger by your side.

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