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LED Video Projector 5.8 inch Display Elepawl

November 23rd, 2018 | by Clare Louise
LED Video Projector 5.8 inch Display Elepawl

I have always felt that this projector is one of the few cheap projectors (Know more about 500 bucks projector) that offer good value. Packed with a 5.8 inch LCD panel projection technology, this projector allows you control manually as well as with a remote! With front/ rear/ ceiling projection Elepawl is Compatible with Home Theatre, TV, Laptop, iPad and iPhone, Android Smartphone, PlayStation ¾ and Xbox One. The screen size can vary from 50 inches to 200 inches, perfect for a wide range of entertainment needs. 2800 Lumens LED, the projection is bright and clear.

No Wi-Fi is needed for connection. It has 2 USB slots,2 HDMI slots, TV or DTV slot, AV, YPBPR ,VGA and an Audio input. You can happily suspend this projector by mounting it on the ceiling. It can flip images upside down too, depending on how you want to erect the projector.

The fan is a bit loud. You can hear some whirring sounds but the video quality just makes up for it. In a dark room you can max out the image and still you will not have to compromise on the picture clarity. But in a mildly lit room it’s advisable to keep the projector close to the wall so that you don’t have to give up on picture clarity.

The internal speaker of the projector does get relatively loud, but I prefer external speaker to it. It’s because the fan of the projector is a bit loud. You can certainly hear the internal speaker over the fan, but an external speaker could get you away from the sound of the projector’s fan.

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Small Wonder:  iCodis G1

Not only is the iCodis G1 mobile pico projector small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it offers 1080p viewing at 30fps in a package that’s just 8.5 ounces in weight. With 30,000 hours of LED life, and a projection display size up to 120 inches, the display and colour vibrancy of this mini projector is classy. G1 is powered by android 4.4 and has a rechargeable battery that can run for up to 110 minutes 9you can see a full motion picture without a break). The microSD slot lets you to easily select movies. G1 can be your home theatre as well as your presentation master.

You will love the default setup for this projector. Once you turn it on, it allows you to start watching videos immediately. The video quality is also superb even if it is installed farther away from the screen. A few users had also reviewed that it is very solid in terms of video capacity. It also allows you to adjust the picture zoom with ease. This projector has no rainbow effect in terms of colours. The battery is amazing mate! It can play long videos without dying in between. As handy as it can be, these best cheap projectors can satisfy your desire for big screen and your necessity to move it around.

There are a few problems with the tripod stand. It seems to be wobbly cause the slot is not in the center. The room should be absolutely dark for better vision. As the projector is placed farther away from the wall, clarity is compromised. So you can use it in a smaller room.

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