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Look into SIM only Deals

November 19th, 2016 | by Shelley Hirsch
Look into SIM only Deals

Are you after the latest most stylish and technology packed phones like the iPhone or Samsung phone? Well, you can get the best deals here and with the most value for money tariff offered by the networks.

Use Your Own Phone

A great feature of SIM only deal is that you can use the mobile network you prefer with the handset you already own. There is no need to use an unfamiliar phone or have setup headaches of transferring your data and contacts. Having your own phone makes changing networks far simpler and the fact that you are not bound with a particular provider.

Compare for Best SIM Only DealsRelated image

By shopping around the network operators you can get the best tariffs from U.K. Networks. There are options for unlimited SIM only deals with 3 SIM only offering unlimited 4G data with unlimited minutes and texts. Vodafone offer media bundles with free music or tv subscription and even Virgin Mobile offer discounts if you are an existing customer. Some networks even allow you to roll over your data or minutes. Overall there are fantastic offers which allow you to get the right balance of data and minutes, that is also not too expensive and can easily fall within your budget.

Flexible Monthly Contract Available

SIM only deals are available on a rolling 12 months contract but many prefer the flexibility of a monthly plan. This does however cost slightly more each month with some networks, but you are able to change providers when you desire. All UK network seem to offer both types except for Virgin Mobile which currently only offers the 30 day agreements.

If you are looking for a cheap SIM only plan, then 3 Mobile offer a 30 day deal starting from just £6 which includes 200 minutes and 500 MB data, this is ideal as a second line for your family. If you are after unlimited everything then again 3 mobile offer all you can eat data with unlimited data and texts for £33 per month. There are no other networks that offer this unlimited bundle on data making it very competitive on price.


SIM only deals are a great opportunity on saving money and if you want to wait for a new phone as a stop gap tariff and with careful evaluation they can be worth jumping on to.

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