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January 8th, 2018 | by Jennifer Fortune

When any website has to handle too much network traffic, its speed and performance reduce, causing its users a hard time to download anything or even visit and access it properly. For such situations not to occur frequently a replica of that website is created. This website creates an identical setup so that the site and the files are available at various locations. This way a load of server hits or network traffic is divided evenly amongst the original and mirror site. The file mirror script sites help in providing a setup to construct mirror sites to the website owners who are facing excessive traffic issues.

Mirror sites have different URL, but everything else is identical to the original site. They frequently go through updates and rectifications so that it passes on the same information and has the same content available as that of the original website.

Certain original websites create a mirror website having a higher speed connection and available for a larger location in comparison to the original site. This is done to arrange a closer and better access to a large user base.


  •    The mirror site helps in making the website more easily available for users when the original website is generating too much traffic. Websites which are widely used and who offer updates for software’s or the copies of widely used applications, they require a mirror site to make downloads faster. Websites such as Microsoft, Netscape who provide copies and updates of popular and widely used software, use mirror sites.
  •    It also helps to make the access faster for those users who are geographically distant from the original site. These mirror sites are knowingly located at different continents from the original site, this makes the access to the website faster and reliable for the users closer to the website.
  •    There are certain geographical locations where certain websites get banned or the access to them is prohibited. Mirror sites in theses location come to rescue for both users and providers to connect to each other. Mirror websites if created in these locations users can get the information or download/ upload anything on this website.

There are file mirror script/sites available online, who help in creating mirror sites and users are free to create them in any domain. Though the opportunities and potential are huge there are very few of such sites available. These sites also help in uploading the updates to the mirror sites from the original sites.

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