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Native Video Advertising on mobile devices

October 27th, 2017 | by Jennifer Fortune
Native Video Advertising on mobile devices

The Pros, The Cons & The Best of Native Video Advertising

Native video advertising is simply advertising that easily integrates with the platform it represents. In other words, native video is designed to be read as much as it is to bxe viewed and listened to. For example, Facebook viewers watch millions of hours of native video each day. Facebook users see the video and read the headlines with the option of clicking on the video and hearing it play. This kind of video easily blends into the Facebook platform and overall viewer experience without screaming commercial.


Because the digital age we live in means, the majority of us spend more time online on smartphones and other devices than we do on laptops and computers. For marketers, that means optimizing native video ads to perform on all mobile devices. Some pros of native video advertising include:

  • native video advertising seamlessly grabs viewer attention
  • native video advertising empowers user action
  • native video advertising increases viewer engagement
  • native video advertising makes it easy to measure performance of marketing efforts


While this type of advertising outperforms other types of video advertising, it does have a few cons as well. For some viewers, it’s akin to traditional product placement during television programming. For other viewers, the catchy headlines that accompany native video advertising might be viewed as click bait. Other cons include:

  • consumers may view it as intrusive
  • because its advertising, it will not improve Google search results
  • it blends so easily into the user experience that it might go unnoticed

Best Outcome

Like all advertising, the best outcome is to generate interest from customers and compel them to take action that leads to a purchase. One of the best features of native video advertising is the opportunity for customers to engage and interact with brands. Native video advertising does that by creating short-term viewing interactions with customers, and has the ability to build ongoing relationships with brands.

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