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New app store on Windows 10 Makes Office Updates Easier

November 23rd, 2016 | by Jennifer Fortune
New app store on Windows 10 Makes Office Updates Easier

In a previous posting on Microsoft’s integration of Skype into one Drive, it was noted that Microsoft was seeking to right all the wrongs that were made in the previous release of Windows 8. It is apparently evident that Microsoft is currently pushing for compatibility and integration across all devices and platforms. Their aim is to be the one company that one may not see, but is everywhere behind the scenes. Many of the Windows 8 PC users most likely used the Windows store for home use. Originally the store was intended for private work that included some significant apparatus such as the office. Recently, Microsoft released their intentions to make the store business friendly.


This is certainly another exciting feature of Windows 10; it precisely supports the separation of Satya Nadella to enable the web and partnership to be the main concern. With a Business friendly app store, Windows is set to have one place for apps across all appliances. Once again the emphasis was on one product, one platform, one drive etc. As for the business the store will feature increased flexibility and control of the apps available. It is also supposed to provide enhanced security and update options for IT administrators. If things work out according to the plans that Microsoft has laid down, the store shall replace company’s private portals for apps.

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This would be a cost savings venture for clients (as long as the conversion costs are too high) Companies can also create their own portal to still maintain some level of privacy and flexibility. More exciting is the fact that, the store would allow device management capabilities. This would certainly allow companies to take on a wider BYOD (bring my own device) policy with lesser safety hazard. This would create an option for administrators to mount, uninstall, update and manage app access or licensing.  A great point to note is this, that for those that are excited about the new release, one can download the Windows 10 Technical preview today. One is also required to sign up with Insdier program to get access. Testing is supposed to continue in order to ensure that application compatibility is available.



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