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Not Every Apps Are Produced Equal

Not Every Apps Are Produced Equal

August 10th, 2016

At first glance, all mobile phone applications might seem to be pretty similar – most of them give you the same kinds of features, information, even user connects. However, whenever you really start evaluating different apps, you’ll frequently notice limited functionality, speed, and excellence of visible on many apps presently being employed by big and small companies alike.


Basically, what’s being described this is actually the distinction between a mobile web application along with a native application. A local application, or true application, is particularly designed for a particular mobile phone, just like an iPhone or Android, and it is installed directly onto a tool using a marketplace, such as the Application Store. Web apps run inside your mobile device’s internet browser each one of these might have its very own specific features and quirks, and therefore are produced utilizing a standard development process.

While each business has different needs and anticipations for his or her apps, native apps are usually considered because the superior option for plenty of reasons.

The abilities of the mobile web application versus a local application are actually in which you understand the variations. Mobile web apps tend to be more limited within their abilities for that reality that they’re frequently not built particularly for any device – within their simplest form, they are basically a mobile form of an internet site, which might operate exactly the same on all products. Because they are not built-in towards the fabric of the given device, additionally they cannot utilize most of the facets of a wise device’s hardware featuring.

Native apps, however, are made to interface with every device’s native features, information, and hardware, meaning the feature choices for your application are considerably greater.


Another primary difference you will find from a mobile web application along with a native mobile application is when they are downloaded and utilized on various products – this plays a large role in the best way to advertise your application and employ it to create revenue for the business. Mobile web apps are utilized via a mobile device’s internet browser, instead of downloaded from an application store, meaning it may frequently be harder to obtain at the disposal of your preferred customers due to the fact there is no method for people to look for the application.

Native apps are downloaded straight to your mobile phone and run like a standalone application, instead of using your device’s internet browser. Furthermore, they are located in application stores and marketplaces, permitting perspective customers to look for or organically find your mobile application. While native apps will have the additional step of going through an agreement process to be able to formally be placed available on the market, this may place them at a bit of a benefit, credibility wise.

From the development perspective, mobile web apps present a less daunting task. But while their common code base across all platforms might seem appealing, it may slow performance as well as presents significant restrictions both technologically and visually. Furthermore, the lack of an outlet or marketplace causes it to be tougher for customers to locate your application, and the possible lack of approval process can frequently compromise quality for that application customers.

Since native apps need to go through this type of rigorous approval process, these apps generally have higher quality, uniqueness, and safety. The iPhone Application Store, for instance, is well known because of not approving apps because they do not satisfy the correct needs.

This really is very good news for application customers because they are guaranteed a greater quality application. However, this is often considered a great news/not so good news situation for application designers having your application approved usually involves an extended, more tiresome process, frequently needing rebuilds and multiple submissions, which might extend how long it requires to create your application open to your clients. However, when you are an application approved and obtainable in the application store, your business’ credibility goes in place because consumers can be certain you’ve created a quality application.

Probably the most compelling reasons to choose a local application is the capacity to interface wonderful a device’s native features, information, and hardware. Therefore, the strength of what the application can perform isn’t restricted enjoy it is by using web apps.

Native apps, unlike mobile web apps, can make use of the Gps navigation system on users’ products, the starting time and date rubber stamping feature, your camera, and so forth. Consider the options if you have this kind of technology included in your application!

For instance, probably the most effective features open to native apps are push notices – the pop-up messages you obtain in your mobile products significant info, coupons, etc. This kind of functionality isn’t obtainable in mobile web apps since it is a part of a device’s hardware, along with a mobile web application is just running inside the device’s browser. Having a native application, however, you will have the chance to transmit push notices to anybody that has downloaded your application! Push notices can also be known for his or her incredibly high read rate, meaning your message has been seen by nearly everybody you signal it to!

Gps navigation technologies are another effective tool being employed through native apps. Many companies are applying Gps navigation-triggered coupons or messages to their application, meaning they are able to setup an online fence around their business or in the region, so when an application user crosses that fence they’ll instantly get a notice of the special message or deal because they are near by. This utilization of innovative, forward-thinking technology can definitely simply be utilized through mobile application development, and it is practically invaluable to companies trying to truly engage their clients.

Apps is only going to continue using increasingly more from the technology of every device with time, meaning consumers can come to anticipate more functionality that mobile web apps are merely not able to supply.

A really beautiful native application can make your company stick out in your customers’ device. It’ll undergo all of the rigorous approval processes needed of native apps and will also be configured to make use of all the abilities, information, and hardware it had become expertly designed for. Therefore, it’ll stay relevant and helpful using the changes which will naturally occur in this technological boom.

At AppGiraffe, we build native apps by having an eye towards what’s common across each industry, in addition to features which are unique to every. Similarly, we build for today so we still build for tomorrow.

Find out more about native mobile phone applications from AppGiraffe here.

AppGiraffe helps small companies have fun playing the mobile explosion with affordable, first class technology. AppGiraffe provides small companies by having an-easy-to-use interface, innovative features targeted at their specific business (for example Geo-Location Triggered Push Notices) along with a comprehensive intend to get clients to download their apps.

Small Companies using AppGiraffe apps can differentiate themselves available on the market and exceed an info-centric mobile application to some mobile application that creates revenue for his or her business.

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