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Offering Different Service Options to Customers

September 14th, 2017 | by Benny Sanderson
Offering Different Service Options to Customers

New cars being manufactured today increasingly utilize alternative sources of power rather than standard unleaded gasoline.  Autos coming off the factory floor today can run on electricity or hybrid fuels and do not need regular gas to be operational.

However, a relative few service stations offer charging stations and pumps with alternative fuels in them.  When you want to attract drivers with hybrid or electric cars as well as motorists that drive gas or diesel-powered vehicles, you can build this kind of station by partnering with alternative fuel providers, CNG station construction crews, diesel, gas, and propane providers, and others in the industry today.

Alternative Fuel and Consumer Friendly Designs

While it may be admirable that you want to offer an array of different sources of fuel, you still need to make your station friendly and accessible to all of the clientele you hope to attract to your business.  You need a layout that will allow traffic to flow in and out of the station easily and also offer convenient locations at which to fuel up people’s cars.

When you partner with the design and construction company, you can create a site that offers convenient access to the unleaded fuel pumps as well as easy access to the electrical charging stations.  Likewise, the designers can set up the pumps for the alternative fuel close to the building so those drivers do not have to go out of their way to fuel up their vehicles.


When you plan on offering these different fuel and power options, you also are required by law to create a site that is safe and in compliance with federal standards.  You cannot have the tanks for your regular gasoline close to the hybrid charging stations, for example.  An electric spark from the charging stations could start a fire or an explosion of your underground fuel tanks.

Likewise, you do not want the lines for your regular fuel to run next to the lines for propane and hybrid fuel.  You can keep the lines away from each other and avoid confusion and possible leaks when your vendors refill your tanks by working with a company that specializes in this type of fuel station design.

New cars run on more than just gasoline today.  You can attract drivers with electric or hybrid fueled vehicles by building a station that offers alternative fuel sources.

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