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Organizing/Creating Your Webpage

April 25th, 2018 | by John Stanley
Organizing/Creating Your Webpage

To begin with organizing a web page is fairly complicated as you need it to be an attraction. It must reach out and grab the reader’s attention; even a glance should attract someone. It may be a link from another page but it must be worth of a look-see. A good suggestion would be to invest in a program called Dreamweaver. You do not need any previous experience with Dreamweaver as there are built in tutorials to help you along the way. With a program such as this, building a website is fairly easy as it creates text in HTML (Hypertext markup language) and also it gives you the option of adding images and styling your webpage through CSS (Cascading style sheets). These are very important things to know.

There are plenty of images and drawings that you can download from the internet that will suit your webpage, just make sure they are not copyrighted so that you can use them without infringement. Be sure to create a folder on your hard drive where you can store the images and some text that may go with them. Be sure to confine you text to underscores, alphanumeric characters and hyphens. If you are storing your website as usual on a server, remember that they are case sensitive.

If you use HTML as the creation tool template then MS Word can open any HTML page and you can also create a page using it. Remember too, there are literally hundreds of website templates ready to download from the internet so even if you don’t use the layout completely, at least you have some ideas. Almost the first thing to remember once you get to actually build the page is that you need a good landing site. A landing site when referring to digital marketing is a page that a would-be customer arrives at when he types a word into Google.

This is the first stand alone page that pops up (provided you pay to use the keyword). We’ll come to that. For example, if you were to type the work ladder” into google then up would come dozens of landing pages of people that supply ladders. After looking at the item you prefer of wish to enquire the price about and clicking on it the link will take you to the supplier’s page. We will discuss this as well. How does this happen?

Well, Google have what they call “AdWords” and it is picked up straight away. The firms or advertisers who have the produce/product for sale are in two different categories. If you are a paid customer then your landing page pops up first together with other paid landing pages. If you are not a paid client, then the chances are the customer will never get to your page. The reason you pay for the search engine to look for and bring up your page is done by paid for keywords. If you are a non-paying client with a webpage you have to rely on someone telling you where to find it and then you have to type the name of the webpage directly into to the browser in order to get to that page. We will discuss this in more detail when you decided to begin your page.

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