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Points Of Setting Up Ugee 1910B And Features

September 3rd, 2017 | by Jennifer Fortune
Points Of Setting Up Ugee 1910B And Features


Ugee is a Chinese organization and, as Yiynova, Huion, and others, influences bring down to cost tablets that are contrasting options to the Wacom Cintiq. This is an Ugee 1910B audit.

This model is among the most conservative of the Cintiq choices for its size. It’s a tablet monitor that appends to your PC. It works with Windows and Mac. You can likewise utilize it as a customary monitor and append it to a TV or projector.

Setting up the Ugee 1910B

The USB and cables are each around four feet long, and the power supply around 6 feet long. The power block is entirely little and smaller (around 5″ long, 2″ wide and 1.5″ thick) and remains cool. The pen cords are around 3 feet long.

The cables are moderately easy to set up (no splitters or perplexity in the matter of what goes where) and don’t create line tangle– I was thankful for that. There is VGA, however no HDMI support. You can utilize a VGA to HDMI connector if necessary.

Installing the Ugee driver

The drivers support Windows 10, despite the fact that the data in the paper booklet doesn’t go up that high. The driver goes ahead an included CD, however I utilized the ones from the Ugee site. You can utilize anything from XP to Windows 10. It additionally takes a shot at the most recent Mac OSX.

You need to erase all tablet drivers and any leftovers of them before installing. You interface every one of the cables, including the USB, with the PC and tablet killed, at that point introduce the driver, at that point reboot.

Once introduced, the driver symbol remains in its organizer as opposed to showing up on the desktop, so you have to open the envelope and tap on it.

Build quality

Te Ugee 1910b is dark plastic and alluringly outlined. It’s not too thick, but rather it feels strong. While it’s not lightweight, it’s not hard, in case you’re of normal quality, to bear it the room. I would not have any desire to bear it town or anything.


The stand is likewise plastic (however it takes after metal) and uses a hook framework to secure. It alters from 90 degrees to back to around 20 degrees—which is the best point, ergonomically, to draw on.

The stand is joined and stable at any position. The tablet is VESA-perfect, so you could utilize a mounting arm.


The reflexive screen is level glass as far as possible up to the closures. There is no raised bezel, just a dark edge that is somewhat not as much as an inch wide, making great utilization of the screenland.

This tablet is available in market at above-mentioned cost. You can avail more offers from Stationery Supplies due to offers they provide their customers.


Catches are up and down the base of the monitor; there are none on the sides. The “menu” catch gives you a chance to roll out improvements to situating, shading temperature, differentiate, and different parameters. There is not a great deal of customization to the drivers.


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