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Public relation objectives functions, types and examples

August 31st, 2018 | by Benny Sanderson
Public relation objectives functions, types and examples

v Public relations:

The individuals and organizations uses a strategic communication process to covey the desired information to public at large. This process is called Public relations. The PR specialist tries his best to promote his idea within the organization and outside sphere to make an influence on the public. The specialists do so, because he might want to promote the organization’s brand, agenda, policy, product or future goals, etc. Public relations are built to gain mutual benefits and to make long term relationship with the target audience. Before spreading the desired message, the PR specialist makes a plan and uses different media to create desired image.

v Objectives of public relations:

According to Akshat Thapa from, there are many objectives of creating public relations. Let’s enlist few of them:

  • PR deals with the identification and perception of organizational image. It is important for the organization to prosper.
  • PR focuses to create long term and beneficial relationships to its stakeholders. PR deals with relationship management goals of the organization.
  • PR helps to maintain a strategic relationship with the government entities, investors, company partners, customers, employees, NGOs, etc.
  • PR gives a boost to the positive brand image and helps to attain task management goals.
  • PR makes the organization’s message look trustworthy, successful and reliable.

v Functions of public relations:

Public relation is an earned medium of spreading information. Public relations shape the spread of the message because the specialists are storytellers. They shape the message in such a way so as to best represent the organization’s brand.

Let’s discuss the functions of public relations in details:

  • PR helps to deal with the public groups at large.
  • PR helps in execution of organizational policies.
  • PR helps to gain the first hand knowledge about public opinion and preferences.
  • PR helps the organization’s idea to reach to editorial content of newspapers.
  • PR helps to draft strategies to reach large audiences.
  • PR helps to gain huge exposure through gatherings, special organizational events, online media, etc.
  • PR helps to handle the comments and queries of the public.
  • PR helps to educate the employees about organizational policies, strategies and goals.
  • PR gives an opportunity to deal with the government entities and legislative agencies on behalf of the organization.
  • PR helps to handle relationships with the investors.

v Types of public relations:

According to, there are many types of public relations. Important types of public relations are explained below:

  • General communications:

It deals with the public relations field. These public relation communicators ensure the appropriate expansion of information.

  • Investor relations:

 It deals with handling investor related events and financial dealings of the organization. It helps to handle investor queries, comments, complaints and suggestions.

  • Health communications:

 These PR deal with the doctors, nurses and clients. They ensure that the communication is carried out appropriately and accurately.

  • Media relations:

 These PR practitioners deal with the process of working with media for spreading the information of the organization.

  • Customer relations:

 As the name suggests, these practitioners handle the customer queries and complaints. It focuses on target market to know about the customer needs and preferences.

v Examples of public relations:

               There is a huge list of public relations examples to inspire us. Few examples are quoted below:

  • BBC Scotland:

BBC Scotland’s captivating 360 degree video of Glen Coe grabs the attention of viewers as it gives a feel of real life experience. This helped both Scotland’s tourist industry and BBC Scotland to gain greater customer exposure.

  • Facebook Paris support profile pictures:

Three years back, facebook used special France flag filters to support France in response to tragic shooting in Paris.

  • Jane walker:

Johnnie walker launched a whisky on international women’s day with a picture of woman on bottle. The whisky was named as “Jane Walker”. The purpose was to promote and support gender equality.

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