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Simple Procedure To Install SuiteCRM On Your Device

September 14th, 2017 | by Brainpulse
Simple Procedure To Install SuiteCRM On Your Device

SuiteCRM is one of the most popular open source customer relationship management applications. It is used to the wide range of the product suites such as SAP, suiteCRM, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, sales force, and others. This type of the software is displacing the vendors in the large account. There are a lot of the SuiteCRM Integration advantages such as keep updated with the client information, save your time, and others. It allows you focus on some other productive activities. The suiteCRM helps to improve the quantity of your business and also maintain the relationship with the clients. The user can check the history of your client.

Steps to download SuiteCRM

The SuiteCRM installation is simple and this application is very easy to use. It is best to open software and free application that works flawlessly on the leading operating system. Here you can see simple suitecrm installation guide that helps you to install this application easily.

  • Download suiteCRM files

The first step you can visit the official website of suiteCRM. Then you can choose the latest version of the application to download.

If the user gets download package then extract your files on the device. It will create the folder which contains the entire installation files that the user need.

Then you should upload the files to the server and exact location. If anyone needs to install this software directly on your account primary domain then you should have to upload the files in the directory of the account.

  • SuiteCRM installation

The user will have the location on their account where they have SuiteCRM installation files. It is the perfect time to continue with the installation and the user simply accesses the SuiteCRM installation location followed by the install.

The first step, the users select the language for the SuiteCRM installation process. Then select on next button.

Read the suiteCRM pre-installation that is next step of the installation process. This server is fully optimized for application and the user will not have any problems on the pre-installation step.

Then you should read the terms of suiteCRM and then click the accept button to further proceed.

Select the type of installation for the suiteCRM portal and the user should check the install. If you choose the advanced suiteCRM then you can also use the option of a custom install. Then click on the next button.  

The users need to choose MySQL type for the installation and then database configuration. You should prepare the clean database and you assigned to suiteCRM with the privileges for the new installation.

Once the user can get the database then they will edit the following option such as database hostname, name, user, password, and others.

Next step is site configuration and you need to set the administrative user on the website. Finally, click the install button.  

  • Successfully installed of suiteCRM

It will complete the installation automatically and then the users receive the successful message. Select the next button and the user will get the redirected to the new website. Now enjoy the new CRM installation.

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