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Simply The Inventory Management Of Your Business With LoMag

July 25th, 2017 | by Carol Gilmore
Simply The Inventory Management Of Your Business With LoMag

Now, business individuals face some challenges while organizing their inventory requirements, so they look for the best and perfect program. LoMag is an inventory management program which is ideal for every company that has warehouses look for professional warehouse management.  For gathering all significant facts about this intuitive and simple program, you can visit the official website. The reliable online site includes lots of specialized features that make it stand out. The friendly and intuitive user interface of this software is created in a modern technology known as Microsoft.Net. The database is entirely based on the stable server engine named Microsoft SQL that provides complete support for the multi-user access.  The specially created program lets you adjust the accuracy of your calculations as per your needs.  Along with this, it also offers a very easy correction, and the creation of Products Issued Notes, Products Received Notes, Internal Products Issued Notes, corrections, Interbranch Transfers, inventories, and discounts.

Make inventory management simpler

The most effective program can support of FIFO, data collections, label printers, barcodes, and LIFO.  There is an excellent label designer in this program that enables the user to create their labels.  You can also use the graphic document editor to design the print out templates with bar codes and photographs.  It brings you the possibility to quickly configure reports that may be sent to the Excel file without following more steps. Instead, you can complete the task with a single click.  It facilitates both the export and import of Excel as well as support for the PDF files.  It has the probability of defining the dedicated columns for different warehouse accounts, documents and other essential items.  These are attractive features of LoMag that provide you a stunning chance to manage the warehouse without any complexities.

  • The inventory management of LoMag supports data collectors, label printers, and readers.
  • It is now available for the android device that will change the mobile into the data collector.
  • It supports of every currency as well as the automatic downloading process of various exchange amounts from a Polish National Bank.

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