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Solving a Loaded Queue Printer Issue

May 29th, 2017 | by Brainpulse
Solving a Loaded Queue Printer Issue

Digital printers have really helped to improve efficiency for everyone.  You can now print anything and everything you need from the comfort of your own home; that means you no longer have to write down directions to the party or letters to your aunt or record that recipe you want to learn to make.  You can send things digitally but also you can print at home for your own perusal.  Just choose the best from available printers for sale.

Of course, even though machines make our lives so much easier, there are times when machines will complicate matters. Take a home printer, for example, sometimes you will encounter odd problems that certainly make it feel like this machine is not helping to make your life easier at all.  

Encountering the Loaded Queue Issue

When you send a print job to your printer from your computer, the software is supposed to fulfill the order and then clear the job from the work queue. Sometimes, though, the job does not automatically clear the queue. This problem is particularly persistent if you pause a print job in the middle. Basically, what can happen is that the print queue can get confused about the status of the job.  If this occurs you are going to want to:

    • turn off the printer and then unplug it from the power source
    • save your document
    • open Windows Services and locate and right click “Print Spooler”
    • use the “Stop” command to halt any stuck print jobs
    • after halting all necessary print jobs, use Windows Explorer to search for C:\Windows\System32\Spoo\PRINTERS
    • delete all existing files in your present queue
    • shut down computer (using Windows shut down command)
    • Turn on printer
    • turn on computer
    • try printing your document again


If this problem happens again, you might want to check with the printer manufacturer for specific driver and software fixes. Maybe this is a common problem and they have already develop a patch, for example. Or, of course, you could just try to remove and reinstall the original print driver (which may require an update) as the file may have been corrupted by another file.  


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