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Spy Apps for Android to Track WhatsApp Voice messages

December 7th, 2017 | by John Stanley
Spy Apps for Android to Track WhatsApp Voice messages

The social networking apps are popular these days and the users are frequently using all the trendy social messaging apps no time ever before. The reason behind the continuous fame of the social messaging apps such as  Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, line and plenty of others alike the easy access to the contemporary mobile phone devices. The cell phones such as OS Android, IOS, and other operating systems have provided the modern world such a numerous innovations that run the digital media apps splendidly.

Out of all, WhatsApp is considered as one of the best social messaging apps. Therefore, when it comes to surveillance on this particular digital media platform user have to choose the best of the best cell phone tracking software in order to get their hands on all the activities a target person has done on the messenger. So, if someone is looking forward to tracking the WhatsApp messenger TheOneSpy spy software for cell phones would be the perfect option.

Short introduction of TheOneSpy

It is known as the supreme cell phone monitoring software worldwide because of its sheer power and accuracy when it comes to its features and reasonable price. It is the best state of the art tool for parenting, to increase the productivity of the business and for the spouses to keep an additional eye on their partner’s hidden activities.

It has the dozen of hidden features such as GPS location tracker, live screen recording, IM’s social media, remotely phone controller, bug their phone, TOS spy 360, keylogger, screenshots, live call recording, track VOICE messages of trendy social media apps. Today, we are going to discuss how a user can track WhatsApp Voice messages.

Track Whatsapp Voice messages through TOS cell phone spy

The user can get access to the territory of Whatsapp Voice calls with sheer efficiency such as short messages sent or received, audio and video files sent by the target person along with the complete time stamp. However, a user is looking forward to getting their

hands on WhatsApp voice on the target Android device, then the device needs to be rooted initially. TheOneSpy WhatsApp voice spy allows user to all the voice calls happens on WhatsApp messenger by using the Android phone. The WhatsApp voice spy empowers users to dig out all the sent and received voices and then upload it to the online web portal of the TOS.

Do the magic with the Whatsapp app Voice Spy

  • All the voice calls & short voice messages
  • Text messages sent and recived, emojis and emotion icons
  • Shared media files such as photos and videos.

How does it help you out?

Whatsapp Voice messages tracker for parenting

Parents usually concern over kids and teens online activities especially when they are using the cell phones connected to the internet. They use social media apps in order to make interaction with the online friends all day long. They do plenty of activities such as online dating with strangers and they send text messages and voice messages on the messenger such as Whatsapp.

Parents can get their hands on all the voices they produce in the shape of short Voice messages by using the TOS Whatsapp voice messages spy and easily get their hands on VoIP calls a target person has made. Parents will be able to know whom they are talking to though voice messages by visiting the TOS online control panel.

Whatsapp Voices messages spy for employers

Similarly, employers can also track the company’s owned devices when their employees are making voice calls for any purpose within the working hours and waste time on it. They should use the Whatsapp VoIP call spy and get to know what sort of conversation they are making it.

Whatsapp Voice tracking for relationship

Suspicious spouses can also get their ears on all the sent and received VOICE calls on the target Android phone when their partners seem busy on the devices. The WhatsApp VOIP messages tracker enable a user to get the WhatsApp voice calls on the Android device along with the complete time stamp.


The Android cell phone spy enables a user to monitor all the VOIP calls happen on all the trendy social messaging apps such as WhatsApp.

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