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Syma X8 C – Specification And Advanced Features Of Drone

September 2nd, 2017 | by Carol Gilmore
Syma X8 C – Specification And Advanced Features Of Drone

Syma X8C is one of the most popular drones in the today market and it comes with the wide range of the features. It equipped with the high-quality camera that allows you to capture the pictures from the mid-air. Some of them use the quadcopter for the recreational purposes and also using this device for the occasional spin to practicing fly knowledge. Syma X8 camera equipped with the well-designed body and high-end camera.

Specification of Syma X8C

The drone is designed to provide the compact structure with the essential parts enclosed in the proper way. The dimension of Syma X8C is 19.7 * 19.7 * 7.5 inches and its weight is 3.45 pounds. It is the light weight quadcopter and also provides long durability. The drone consists of HD camera, USB card reader, transmitter, 4 protection frames, 8 pieces of rotating blades, LiPo battery and others. This type of the quadcopter comes with the memory card that allows the user to store a lot of the pictures and video. It is perfectly suitable for the indoor and outdoor places and its offer the directional option that allow you to handle the device easily.


Syma X8 equipped with the well-designed body that contains the motor, high-end battery, gears and others. It is also enclosed a 6 axis Gyro with the three-dimension lock system. There is a LED light in the quad copter which helps in the navigation at the dark place and it protected by the transparent plastic. The drone is made of the high-quality raw material that offers the high durability for the product. This type of the drone provides the best flight performance that has six axis control system.

Features of drone

  • Camera feature

In the mini drone, the camera is one of the most important parts because it helps you to capture the high-quality pictures. The drone camera gimbals come with the 8MP HD camera that supports the video recording at the 1080 pixels and 720 pixels. If you are looking to purchase the drone to get the aerial shots then this is the perfect choice at the affordable price. With the help of the headless mode, you can take pictures easily.

  • Controller feature

The controller of the quadcopter is considered to the standard transmitter and its design is traditional. Its controller function is good and also offers the different modes to improve the experience for the user. The first mode is standard speed and the second mode is high-speed. The latest control allows the user to transmit the signal more than hundred meters that translate to the three hundred twenty feet.

  • Battery

The mini copter packs with the 2000 mAh battery that works on the 7.4-volt requirements. It comes with the long battery connector wire that allows the user to handle the drone easily as well as avoid damage while charging the device. The battery capacity of drone translates to good flight times but you should charge the device around two three to four hours.

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