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The Best Social Networks for a Personal Trainer and What to Post

October 18th, 2018 | by Benny Sanderson
The Best Social Networks for a Personal Trainer and What to Post
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The strength of social platforms for professionals is proven. Understanding and benefiting from social networks are nowadays essential for businesses and entrepreneurs. But the social networks you choose is important too. This is because they’re the portal for any ‘messages’ you wish to get across to your clients and followers. So which networks should you use and, even more importantly, what should you publish?

Instagram and its Advantages for Personal Fitness Trainers

Instagram lets followers know you, what you deal on and allows you to promote yourself in a fun and innovative way. It’s the most known network for photo and video sharing, especially for fitness and well-being activities.

With more than 150 million active users, Instagram is among the most effective social media channels for a personal trainer who wants to attract traffic to their site and gain visibility. What’s great about Instagram is that photos to your post will automatically appear on followers’ feeds, not like other social platforms that control the content being published. It’s important to bear this in mind if you desire to maximize the visibility of your messages and increase your audience.

Followers can like your content when they watch your demonstration videos and check out photos of poses or pictures/videos of your events. Likes help increase a page’s visibility, so it’s important to post attractive contents. You can also use free Instagram likes to achieve this feat.

Create a Community with Facebook

Facebook is another important social media network when it has to do with generating a fan-base and acquiring new clients. SEO-wise, Facebook pages are automatically indexed by Google, meaning they’re a great way to appear on a search engine’s first page. And Facebook remains today the largest of the social media networks. Facebook also provides other considerable advantages. It’s the best medium to share news and your Instagram (or other) posts. You can join special interest groups in the discipline you like, a geographic sector or their objectives.

A well-managed Facebook page can and should be your community management center and a way of increasing traffic and acquiring new clients.

Active Monitoring with Twitter

If you wish to monitor your sport, be recognized among your peers and be used as a reference via the social media world, then Twitter is another interesting tool to use. Twitter will help you find experts, detect leads and follow news/trends with the best possible reactivity rates. Plus tweets will aid you to ascertain your potential audience’s opinions.


In this era where the digital world is leading, try to know which part would profit your business more. On social platforms, choose the platform that will best adapt your needs. Choose Instagram if you always need to post pictures and videos, Facebook when you wish to reach a larger audience and Twitter to always follow up on your audience.

All in all, you’ll find all the necessary things for you to be innovative, create great content and be unique from the competition.

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