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The Importance Of Actionable Intelligence In Physical Security

November 29th, 2016 | by Jennifer Fortune
The Importance Of Actionable Intelligence In Physical Security

Actionable Intelligence is extremely important in physical security. Actionable intelligence can help a physical security company by optimising their customers, minimising safety risks, reducing security risks, keeping the community awareness, increasing operations, reviewing video surveillance content, and managing video content. Qognify and Psim are two companies that help Physical security businesses obtain actionable intelligence.

Actionable intelligence helps a company optimise their customers by making sure that their services are the best possible. This is done by providing many review of each company’s past completed jobs, what was done and if the job was completed correctly and efficiently. We a customer looking for physical security services sees good past experiences then it makes them feel more confident that they will gain excellent physical security services as well.Image result for The Importance Of Actionable Intelligence In Physical Security

Most people or companies who are in search of physical security want the best possible. Physical security is a very important asset. Physical Security companies need to utilise actionable intelligence in order to increase their operations. The better your physical security appears to your customers, the more business you will get. This will increase the company’s operations. If a physical security company’s operations are increasing, customers will pay more for their services because they will appear to be the best at what they do.

In order to minimise safety risks, you can also utilise actionable intelligence. In physical security this is when you have someone constantly reviewing video surveillance to make sure that employees are not in danger. This will help prevent any safety risks during the job because they will be a step ahead of the game. A physical security company can also can provide courses for their employees to undergo before entering the field. These courses can consist of common security risks, this way the employees are aware of what not to do. This protects the employees and the company from safety risks.

In physical security you should always use actionable intelligence to review employees before hiring them. This will reduce security risks. If you hire an employee as a physical security guard, and they have a history of theft or violent tendencies, this could be a huge security risk for the company. Actionable intelligence is providing a thorough background check and drug screening to all employees before hire, and randomly during employment, in order to minimise and security risks.

Keeping community awareness is extremely important aspect in order to maintain business in physical security. If you are aware of what is going on in the community you can make sure your physical security business is the first to know about important events. If you are a constant member in the community, you can insure that they will use your physical security services for all important community events. This optimises your business opportunities and gains recommendations.

It is also very important to review and manage all video surveillance content in order for a physical security business to be successful. By using this form of actionable intelligence you can be sure that your company is providing the best physical security possible. If you are looking to benefit from actionable intelligence in physical security you should definitely look into Qognify and Psim. Both of these companies provide these actionable intelligence services.

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