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The Increasing Need for a SMS Broadcaster Today

November 24th, 2016 | by Benny Sanderson

In the recent times, it was concluded by various government worldwide that the present day public warning channels such as television, radio, sirens, etc, were not reliable and adequate.3

This is the reason why for all sorts of emergency alert or alert notification needs, the Mactro Sms Broadcaster came out being a suitable product. There is a reason why this product garnered so much attention from governments worldwide since it works most efficiently when it comes to emergency alert moments.

Why opt for this product? We have reasons for it, mentioned below:3

SMS Requirements

This product does not only help to spread public warnings but works equally well as a sms sender. Even when mobile carrier services do not work effortlessly, this product will do it all for you. It works efficiently as it will be able to send out messages to SMS inbox of mobiles, with or even without cellular service.

This product will work fruitfully when it comes to taking care of your sms marketing needs too. The recipient who would receive your message would get the whole message together with a personalized alpha-numeric sender ID. It does not matter what the frequency or carrier is, if the person who you are sending the message to, is within the devices range of reception proximity will receive it.3

Just Ideal for Alert Notification

SMS Broadcast is a proven, strong and a very efficient technology. It works resourcefully for sms advertising and mobile marketing services. It would work towards competently distributing text messages and binary content to mobile handsets. Definitely you need to keep track of sending location based sms and it will be delivered within a matter of seconds. No wonder it is considered as an ideal technology when it comes to delivering emergency alerts and all kinds of time-sensitive services.

Revenue-Generating Services

It works towards enabling revenue-generating services which are location based as dynamic tariffing and mobile marketing. It is possible to send message to thousand of mobiles at one point of time. Yes, this happens in real time; however, you need to stay mindful of its location specific information. The best part being, it does in no way get affected by any sort of network congestion.3


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