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The Reasons that Google’s VR Headset Is The Most Enticing

November 22nd, 2016 | by John Stanley
The Reasons that Google’s VR Headset Is The Most Enticing

It has become clear to almost everyone that virtual reality is here for all to enjoy. If you can’t travel to see the world, you can at least experience it. Go mountain climbing and end up on the top of Mt Everest or take in the beauty by actually walking in the middle of a tropical rain forest. You can even visit a virtual museum and enjoy all the beautiful pieces of famousart.With Google’s VR headset you can virtually goanywhere and have a visual adventure.

Price is right

But the hard part is making it affordable enough for people to want to invest in the VR headset and it looks as if Google has found an approach that is simple. With a new Pixel phone or another compatible device Google’s price is just what is needed for enticing anyone to jump into the coolest and comfortable VR experience there is.Image result for The Reasons that Google’s VR Headset Is The Most Enticing


If you buy the Google’s new Daydream View headset for $79, you will find that Google has made a smartphone- powered VR a lot more interactive and just plain fun by adding a simple item and that is a controller. It is small and has:

  • Home button
  • Action button
  • Motion sensors
  • Touchpad used to control characters or scroll through menus

It also has a helpful volume rocker.

Real bargain

And the cost of this headset is enticing especially when you consider that the Gear VR on sale on Amazon is selling for $99; so the Google one is a real bargain.

Many uses

Using this new headset with “Wonderglade” which is a free VR game, many testers say that they have used the controller as a putter for mini-golf or in Google’s Street View app as a fire hose. It is also used to choose where to jump to in any 360-degree scenes. The controller also is able to be used as a wand to point and click where you want your on-screen robot characters to go.

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