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The role of malicious software to block the computer

November 14th, 2017 | by Jennifer Fortune
The role of malicious software to block the computer

To be very specific there is software which is very malicious in nature as it blocks the files on your computer and demands you to pay back the files. When a window is affected a pop up window appears that demands you to recover all the files within three days otherwise it will be damaged. The payment is accepted only with Bit coin.

Working of the malicious software:

The malicious software Ransom-ware works in a very peculiar way.

  • The package allows cyber trespassers to purchase and use a software tool to create Ransom-ware with special capabilities and then generate this situation for their own distribution and with demand of high ransoms.
  • As with much of the rest of the IT world, it’s now possible for those with little or no technical background to order up inexpensive ransom ware as a service (RaaS) and launch attacks with very little effort. In one case, the provider collects the ransom payments and takes a percentage before distributing it among others.
  • The victim may receive a pop-up message or email ransom note warning that if the demanded sum is not paid by a certain date, the private key required to unlock the device or decrypt files will be destroyed.
  • The attacker encrypts files on infected devices and makes money by selling a product that promises to help the victim unlock files and prevent future malware attacks.
  • In an interesting reversal, the extortion may be made with the threat not so much that the data will be unavailable (though this may also be the case), but that the data will be exposed to the general public in its unencrypted state if the ransom is not paid by a given deadline.

This type of attacks may be nearly impossible to stop, but there are some steps and strategies that can be taken as an awareness of the users. Strategies include compartmentalizing authentication systems and domains, keeping up-to-date storage snapshots outside the main storage pool and enforcing hard limits on who can access data and when access is permitted.

However for any further details and information about the software you may search about this online. It is quite informative. It has been observed that this type of software attacks are typically carried out using a Trojan that is disguised as a legitimate file that the user is tricked into downloading or opening when it arrives as an email attachment. However, one high-profile example, the “Wanna Cry Worm”, travelled automatically between computers without user interaction.

As a result of this type of software attack the whole world was really threatened. People became very cautious about their computer use. In other words it can be said that many people restricted themselves to the use of computer. As times passed this problem was solved but the fear was still there. Thus it can be said that people must be bit cautious about their use of computer.


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