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The Three Social Media marketing myths you need to push away!

April 13th, 2018 | by Clare Louise
The Three Social Media marketing myths you need to push away!
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Myth #1 Social Media equals Digital marketing

Considering Social media to be Digital marketing is similar to consider that Lettuce is itself a salad. Just like Lettuce is one of the ingredients used to make a Salad, Social Media marketing too is one of the components of a sound Digital Marketing strategy.

A lot of brands, these days try to view social media as an independent marketing system, operating in a digitally driven vacuum. One little reality which every brand needs to accept is that the process and related procedures of social media marketing and management should need to be viewed as one significant part of a well-oiled marketing engine.

Just like any other Normal automobile or engine, this machine too will not be able to run on its own. No single part will execute the driving force on its own. Each of the elements working in combination with one another will keep the machine humming.

Myth #2 You need to be present on every Social media channel!

This myth is not true at all, and if you have ever believed in this myth, we are pretty sure that it might have resulted in a lot of wastage of time as well as hard earned resources.

Before jumping into every Social media channel which you can find, you, as a Social media marketer need to make a list of the platforms which engage your audience and where you can gather traction.

It is indeed true that not every person who is a part of your target audience will be there on all the Social mediums which you are choosing.

Apart from that if you are unable to maintain any of your accounts or not respond to the same, your customers will lose loyalty because of your non-responsiveness.

Myth 3: You need to be online 24/7.

No! For god sake, no. You do not need to be present online all the time just to show your brands that you are available. Before building an online identity for yourself, you must necessarily understand that staying online at odd hours and unnecessary flooding others’ profiles with your posts is not going to bring you any good attention. But yes, it will definitely make you look like an intruder in the eyes of others.

The best way to avoid this practice would be to select a time of the day which you would consider as your active hours.  After you’ve ascertained your active hours, neither your customers nor you, yourself will be in a dilemma about the time to be chosen for interaction with followers and customers.

Also, you need to decide and achieve the number of times you will be posting in a single day. For a brand who has just begun their journey, posting 5-6 times a day would do the deal. On the other hand, if you are a well-established brand, you can proceed by posting for alternate days or once a day.

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