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Three Benefits to Mounting Your TV on the Wall

April 26th, 2017 | by John Stanley
Three Benefits to Mounting Your TV on the Wall

The flat screen television is, pretty much, the industry standard, these days. When it comes to home entertainment, it makes a lot of sense that things headed in this direction.  Vast technological improvements have made modern televisions thinner, faster, sharper, and—perhaps most importantly—less expensive.  The electronic technologies developed for modern televisions also make them more versatile than ever before, too, offering not only the best audio and video quality, but also more options for each and every home.

One of the best advancements in terms of home entertainment, though, really has nothing to do with the impressive leaps and bounds televisions have made. As a matter of fact, one of the best advancements in terms of home entertainment has been a simple accessory that improves TV in a way you might not even expect.

We are talking, of course, about tv wall mounts.

BENEFIT #1: Viewing Angle

The first benefit to mounting your television with a wall mount is that you are able to adjust the viewing angle. Flat screen televisions use LCD technology (for the most part), which means you really have a very limited number of options if you want the best possible viewing angle. With a wall mounted television, though, you can crane the arms to adjust the television to give you the best view according to where you want to sit (or where you sunlight might be beaming in) so you don’t have to adjust the seating.


BENEFIT #2:  Damage Protection

Flat screen televisions are not very heavy; not even the biggest ones.  This means, then, that while they might have a broad base that is pretty stable sitting on a shelf or a table, they are actually pretty easy to knock over.  With a wall mount, though, you can be certain that the television is always secure.  And, as a bonus, when you are not using your television, it is attached to the wall and not sitting on a table or stand where you can spill things on it or get it caught in your jacket or purse.

BENEFIT #3:  Space Saver

When you think about the other two benefits, it might occur to you that since you can mount your television to a wall, it removes the need for a table or stand. That means you can save yourself a lot of space that would normally be occupied by an entertainment stand or a table.  Perhaps this would simply open up your floor space or give you more storage options.

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