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Two easy methods to download YouTube videos

June 22nd, 2018 | by Jennifer Fortune
Two easy methods to download YouTube videos

YouTube videos have become highly preferable to the movie lovers, music enthusiasts, students and various other online visitors. The internet users open YouTube channel for a range of purposes. The businessmen and other professionals also get benefits from this video watching platform. However, in many cases, lots of YouTube users like to watch the video more than one time. But, for the protection of copyrighted videos, we cannot find an option for official download of the videos. That is why most of the users become frustrated while they don’t get a chance of downloading their favorite videos.

Online free service for downloading videos

Now, we have found out the simplest and easiest way for going beyond this limitation. You will be able to get the desired video downloaded on your device with few steps. We have presented two major options for YouTube downloading process. You can try downloading here using any of these two processes.

As one of the first steps, you have to go to the chosen video site on YouTube. You have to click on its address bar for placing the cursor on it. Then add ‘s’ 2 times in front of YouTube section. You will find another URL and then, hit the enter button. You will get an online service, that helps you in downloading the video within few seconds.

It is one of the free online services that can be used for direct download of the videos from YouTube. This service is available not only for YouTube users but also for other sites, like Facebook and Vimeo.

A different method for downloading YouTube video

We have another free option that is designed just for YouTube users. YouTubNow is that popular video download service, which is much more advanced and gives you an option of customization.

This is an online software program that needs no installation. You have to only open the site and get the specially designed interface, used for downloading YouTube videos. It is really an impressive solution to those, who like to get enjoyment from offline videos. The users have to paste video link on the small box at YouTubNow and then hit Enter button to get the video easily downloaded. You can save your video in any of the given formats.

Thus, we have guided you with two simple processes for downloading the YouTube videos. You may choose the better one for your purpose.

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