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Understanding how a Business Automation Software can help you

September 11th, 2017 | by admin
Understanding how a Business Automation Software can help you

If your case can be described as a manager who is looking for ways to boost the efficiency of business processes at a small cost, then this is what you will have to read in order to start understanding better what business automation is all about.  Firstly, you will have to apprehend information regarding what performance management is. The PM (Personal Management) factor refers to the conglomerate of activities used for tracking how well goals are being achieved over a given period of time. In the PM sector you can find both basic and operative functions that imply the enterprise itself and the policies, programs, responsibilities or tasks which are related to the personnel.

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Now, a businessman will find it quite difficult to choose a CRM (Custom Relationship Management) service provider for its specific niche, but if taking both advantages and possible offers into consideration will help him make a choice easier than it seems. To start getting familiarized with CRM products and how they work, you should try visiting thebpm’online website for gaining more information about this topic and what this company has to offer. Besides, you will be able to check out several CRM vendors down below, arranged according to ratings and reviews.

Basic characteristics of an ideal Business Automation Software

  • Flexibility
  • Friendly interface
  • Complete set of features
  • Easy to read reports
  • Real time management
  • Security


  • Multichannel marketing

Bpm’online offers its clients the tools for multichannel marketing integrated in its business automation software. Being one of the best CRM vendors, bpm’online pays a great amount of attention to details, especially when it comes to working in a more facile manner. Multichannel marketing is supposed using both direct and indirect channels for selling goods or services. What direct and indirect channels mean? It is quite easy for a businessman to understand that a direct method of selling is represented by actual, physical locations such as stores. Having only one single type of channel for a business means much less information transmitted which will lead to the stagnation of your profit.

  • Complete business automation software

Certainly, anyone who is interested in choosing CRM software will look for options that require no installation of third-party apps. Bpm’online is here to bring to its clients exactly that: it doesn’t matter if whether you need to automate sales, marketing or service processes. It is a complete automation software which includes CRM features that you’ll definitely need: data management, lead management, exporting data, time management, sales management or even document management. You will also be able to analyse information in real time and administrate your data with specialised tools without knowledge in the programming field.


  • Marketing

When well-built marketing is what keeps your business efficient and profitable, then using a business automation service to keep track of it, along with complicated sales reports will be the answer. Email automation is one of the trickiest tasks one should do for the well-being of a business and now you will no longer have to worry about that. Oracle is one of the software programs that allow you to manage matters such as email, searching display, web, video and even mobile from one single platform.

  • Social Cloud

Taking care of social relationship management will no longer represent a problem with the Oracle Social Cloud. Oracle Eloqua combined with the cloud service it is offering can help any business with managing and scaling the customer relationships via social media and everything it implies. What does that mean? Oracle will grant you the possibility to analyse social aspects as engagement, publishing and so on with just one single interface. This will come in handy especially for business owners who do not have the necessary time or skills to process all the customer relationship management components at once.


  • Customer service and support

Business efficiency and professionalism comes within how the company is treating its clients. This being said, the support service should be in the attention of any business holder or manager who wants the workflow to be as clean as possible. Using business automation software in this field means one will be capable of assigning, managing and escalating each customer case safely and properly. It is important to check if the software provides readable data sheets for real time reporting in order to keep track of customer’s satisfaction. NetSuite can offer just that, along with personalized planning.

  • Following other businesses

What is amazing about NetSuite software is its ability to follow your partners’ leads or orders. Users will have the full visibility on sales activities which makes processing orders, commissions or royalty payments and launching marketing campaigns much easier.This kind of option will later reflect in your business results, meaning that you can decide what’s best for your business based on information regarding sales. Using the same cloud technology you might have encountered with other products, NetSuite has many Channel Partners like Terillium Expands, Conexus SG or Revolution Group that use its applications and observe results in the long run. This will lead to better discoverability and driving growth continuously.


If the target business for the automation software is a non-profit organization, you have no one single reason to worry about not finding the right CRM product for it. Blackbaud is specialized in working with non-profit organizations, being a service provider that restrains its niche reasonably. You may be wondering what is different in the case of non-profit organizations rather than large enterprises and the answer is simple – fundraising. Usually, non-business entities focus on gathering new donors and increasing stewardship. This can be optimized by simply using an automation software like Blackbaud.

Making a decision

After reading each summary of the aforementioned CRM product vendors, you will have to choose what’s best for managing a specific business. Every single one of the business automation software will come with features that will suit – or not – the purpose you want to achieve. Thinking wisely about what matches your future needs and goals will help you finally make a decision regarding this matter. Until then, keep checking what each of the products offers and what benefits they bring.

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