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What Elements to Consider When Using Web Database Forms to Get Customer Feedback

September 21st, 2016 | by John Stanley
What Elements to Consider When Using Web Database Forms to Get Customer Feedback

Businesses are realizing the need to use online data forms to conduct customer feedback. It is one way to know the needs of your customers and strengthen your business bottom line. If you don’t understand your customers and engage with them properly, you may be heading in the wrong direction. Customers will want you to listen to their views, opinions, suggestions, ideas, and comments and act appropriately to remedy any issues of concern. While there are many ways businesses can conduct customer feedback surveys, using online web database forms proves to be an efficient, fast, and reliable way of gathering information and data.

There are particular elements you should look at when using the online database forms to collect data from customers in a customer feedback survey. These elements will guide you when asking questions or requesting information through the database forms.3

The ideas offered by customers

You may want to ask your customers to provide you with ideas about the user experience. If you want to perfect a product and its features, you need to get ideas from the customers. These are people who use the product and you are only the maker or designer. Understanding how customers are using the product allows you know how you can perfect it to meet the needs or solve the problems of the users.

The customers can offer ideas on how you can improve the product. The data you get from the customers shows you where you are in designing the product and if there are any areas that can be improved.

You can look at the patterns of the data and information gathered through the forms and present the finding in your business meeting. This way, you can brainstorm and find out which ideas can be incorporated in the product features. This is a good way of engaging with customers.

Improvement cited by the customers

When presenting customers with questions about a specific product, you may want to ask them to specify any features that they think are of little value. You may have a product that has features, which do not add value to the product. Sometimes, the customers can even suggest the right or perfect improvement that you need to implement to enhance the usability of the product.

Customer satisfaction

When you launch a product, you expect that customers will be happy with it. However, it may happen that they are not happy with some features of the product and they need it improved. When designing the web forms to conduct customer feedback survey, make sure you ask about customer satisfaction. The customers can highlight some aspects that may have been overshadowed and which are making the customers to be unhappy. If you find that customers are not generally happy with a particular product, you can follow up with another tailored survey to get into details and find out which part of feature of the product makes them unhappy.

When designing the web database forms, remember that customers may have different views and you may want to use open ended survey questions so that you get a broader feeling of the customers. If you act on the recommendations provided by the customers, they are likely to remain loyal to your brand.


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