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Web conference short guide to understanding how it works

July 10th, 2017 | by admin
Web conference short guide to understanding how it works

A look behind the scenes of video communication, discovering the technical solutions that allow you to gather in a virtual videoconferencing room on the web.

Simple and at the same time complex. To use the web conference just do a few easy steps: download a software and connect with one click to attend an online meeting with other people, even if they are thousands of miles away. However, video conferencing via the web also has a lesser known and more complex side. The technology that makes it possible to distance meetings has evolved over time. If in a virtual room you can now see, listen, share pictures and documents as you are sitting at the same table, it is thanks to technical solutions that are usually ignored at most. Let’s figure out how they work.


To make a video call, specific software and hardware is required. Let’s start with peripherals. Voice and images are captured by a video conferencing microphone and webcam, recording and transmitting them to other hardware and software items. These are the peripherals that take care of the input, to receive images and sounds. The monitor and the speakers, which give us the video and the voice of the other connected people, are the output devices.

Data compression

To carry out their work, webcam and microphone make use of “invisible” helpers. In fact, if audio and video were transmitted in their original format, they would occupy much of the communication band. That’s why you need to compress the information and then decompress it, preserving their integrity. This work, imperceptible but essential, is carried out by special software and codecs that compress audio and video streams in part. Compression may result in loss of the least important information, or maintain the quality of the original audio and video data (loseless compression).

The return to headphone

There is another invisible helper that contributes to the success of a business video conferencing: the software that ensures the echo cancellation, eliminating the headphone return of your voice. Without this prank, we would hear our voice in the headset after a few seconds. These software capture the return sound by eliminating it and making it easier to communicate.

The network connection

Once compressed and decompressed data, these are sent to other people connected to the web conference. For this transfer, an internet connection is used, for example when connecting one or more offices of the same geographically distant company to videoconferencing. To establish and manage communication, appropriate data transmission protocols on the network must be used.

Why choose a professional service

These are, in summary, the mechanisms that connect to skype video conferencing via the Internet, a service that is changing our way of working, allowing great cost and time savings and a competitive edge for companies that take full advantage of the potential. For a reliable service, it is therefore important that all gears be handled by experienced technicians in the industry. Only a professional videoconferencing service can guarantee quality and security and make 100{80acd2e91ff1fe90ca3ad8b4c849a55e19aed4f5ca55288b1201c304e5208966} of the benefits of videoconferencing.

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