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What are the bases of comparison for leading CDN providers?

January 7th, 2017 | by Brainpulse
What are the bases of comparison for leading CDN providers?

A Content Delivery Network, also known as Content Distribution Network, is generally meant for network of proxy servers which are globally distributed. These servers are organized in numerous data centres. The ultimate objective of CDN is to assist content to end users with effective performance. The availability should never diminish and the level of performance gets improved with the tides of time. The e-commerce vendor hires CDN operators on pay rolls who distribute the content to their eventual users on their behalf. The bases of comparison may depend on the features they offer, latency, CDN pricing comparison, etc. The performance as well as price also varies from region to region. Here are some bases on which leading CDN provider compare:

  1. To operate on one CDN, you are supposed to have basic knowledge on top performance at every level of network and programming. For this reason the CDN providers are expected to maintain their servers at almost 100{80acd2e91ff1fe90ca3ad8b4c849a55e19aed4f5ca55288b1201c304e5208966} and have knowledge about networking protocols function. This is the most important factor for comparing leading CDN providers. This is how you can understand CDN internally as well as externally.
  2. There are more technical principles for CDN providers like they must know how to persuade people to use their service and hence resulting in creating more clients. It totally depends on activeness and efficiency of the service providers that to what extent they can satisfy their client. Accordingly they will get response and can easily lead the market. It can be more appealing for start-ups as they are having least knowledge about the facts and everything depends on the line of experience.
  3. Another criterion for the comparison would be technological suitability. The general factor depends on the nature of technology used. It also depends sometime on the purpose for which CDN is used. It may be for web acceleration, streaming, image loading, video, etc. these factors are important to be identifies as every CDNs are not compatible to all kind of technologies.
  4. Sometimes the variation may be on the basis of geographical area. It totally depends upon region to region. The regional performances differ with regional pricing. The regions at which the users are located need to be identified. The service providers can be differentiated here if they want your CDN to implement POPs near to users.
  5. Pricing seemed to be most typical basis of comparison. Generally price also varies with different region. Here the level of performance is of no use. What matters a lot are the pricing strategies that the CDN provider has adopted? It must not be adverse to the expectation of customers. This reference is reflected by the budgetary control of the service provider. Some of the providers are restricted by budget whereas some are having sufficient budget. Accordingly the pricing formulations are adopted. CDN pricing comparison is the most important base for differentiating one provider from others.

These are some general bases of comparison for leading CDN providers. These all depends on the alternative course of action one is looking for like one can also opt for multi CDN preference, hence enhancing the performance.

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