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What is the best software to track plagiarism?

November 20th, 2018 | by Jennifer Fortune
What is the best software to track plagiarism?
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If you know about plagiarism – and you do, the next logical step would be familiarizing yourself with the necessary tools and software to deal with it. Have you heard anything about a thing called a plagiarism tracker? Well if you haven’t – stick around, and if you have – stick around also, you might expand your knowledge.

How it works?

Tracking plagiarism is the same as detecting or finding it. So, a plagiarism tracker is essentially the same thing as a plagiarism detector or plagiarism finder. The principle of how it works is not always the same in details but the base principles remain the same throughout. You upload your document and start the scan. The software starts to track plagiarism by reading, analysing and comparing the document with everything in the database. So, in short – the best software to track plagiarism is the one with the largest database of articles to compare your document with.

How to use it for free?

Plagramme isn’t your ordinary plagiarism tracker. Everyone can sign up and use it for free. With 14 trillion, yes – trillion with a ‘T’ sources, you can be sure that if your document shares any similarities with anything in the rest of the world – Plagramme will surely show it. Of course, there are other software to use, so we cannot explain how to use all of them but with Plagramme it is not that difficult. Sign up using your email or social media account and log in. Once you have done it, upload and check as many documents as you would like.

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