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What to do and not to do for SEO

February 11th, 2019 | by Peter Jacobs
What to do and not to do for SEO
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When you are embarking on a journey for New Zealand SEO companies, there are a few dos and don’ts.

The keyword Meta tag

The Keyword Meta tag is no longer all important. In fact, nowadays the search engines do not even consider this when the site is being indexed or scanned.

Keyword definition

Defining of keywords is very important. These should be not only focused but helpful, relevant and valuable to the user. If you have a site which has the thoughts all over the place and in a manner that is of either no value or use or confusing to the user, you will lose visitors. Therefore, not only do you need to get your thoughts and flow in order, but you also need to create phrases and keywords which will help you focus and which you need to target.

Variety of keywords as well as the context

You should use different keywords and not repeat the same one over and over again. When there is a repetition of words, it gets boring to read. Therefore, you should try variants of your keywords or change the grouping of the phrase that is used.

How to use keywords

  1. You should use the keyword in the URL if it is possible or in the blog post
  2. You should use it in the title of the page and at the start of the article if possible
  3. You should also include it in the description
  4. You should use it in the headline of the page and at least in a sub-headline
  5. In the content of the page, it should be used and preferably in bold.
  6. You should have an optimized link. That way the keyword is in the anchor text or the title of the link. This will help the search engine as well as the visitors to the site.

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